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Workout Log Tips To Get You Started

Workout log next to a bowl of strawberries
A workout log is a great way to help you track your fitness and stay motivated. No matter what your fitness goals may be, a workout log can be a valuable tool to help you reach them. If you’re interested in adding a workout log to your fitness routine, here are a few things to consider before you get started:

Benefits of Keeping a Workout Log
One of the best things about using a workout log is that it provides you with a realistic picture of your workouts and results. You might not always be aware of how much you are progressing, but keeping a log can make it easier to see how far you’ve come. Your workout log can help you see what is working well for you, and also spot areas where you can improve.

Tips for Getting Started
If you have spreadsheet software on your computer, you can create a chart to track your workouts. Set aside some room for each type of workout you do, and a spot to track how much time you spent along with any other details. If you want, you can also include a spot in your workout log to describe how you felt after each exercise.

There are also tons of free printable workout log templates online. A quick internet search will likely turn up a version that can work well for you. You can also find apps for your tablet or smartphone to log your workouts, or keep it simple and use a regular notebook. All that matters is that you find something that works for you.

Tips for Sticking With It
Don’t let your busy routine keep you from starting a workout log. Keeping it up to date is less time-consuming than you might think. Jotting down a few simple notes as you go is all it takes to maintain your workout log. If you prefer to keep more detailed notes, you certainly can! Make filling out your workout log part of your routine, and you’ll discover how easy it is to stick with it. You can also treat it more like a workout diary, and use it as an opportunity to reflect on your day.

If you think using a workout log would be a good option for you, give it a try! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and formats until you find one that works well for you. Your workout log should support your goals, not distract you from them. Remember: this is all about your needs and your success.

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