Friday, October 2, 2015

4 Reasons for Family Meals

people enjoying family meals
Family meals are an important part of bonding with your family. Family meals, however, often get pushed aside to accommodate other responsibilities, like sports practice, music lessons, and other extracurriculars. It’s still important to make time for family meals at least a few times each week! Here are four reasons you should consider implementing family meals into your weekly schedule!

Opportunity to Connect
Families that have open communication feel more connected and happy with each other. Family meals create a great opportunity to talk to your children and spouse. Sharing thoughts and feelings and talking about everyone’s day is a great way to relieve stress and worry. Communication and support are extremely important for overall health and well-being!

Get Active
Another reason to make time for family meals is the opportunity to get active. When your whole family is together (how often does that happen, right?) it is a perfect time to suggest doing a family activity! Try going for a walk, a family bike ride, or tossing the football for a game of catch. This interaction will allow for some extra exercise and get feel-good endorphins moving. Instead of dessert after family meals, treat yourself to a nice calorie-burning walk.

A Full Nutritious Meal
It’s difficult to know exactly what your kids are eating at school. They are likely offered a healthy school lunch, but what if they don’t eat the whole thing? Or what if they bring unhealthy snacks to school and eat those instead? With frequent family meals, you can ensure that your kids are getting the healthy nutrients that they need for growth and brain development. It also is an opportunity for you to create a delicious and healthy meal with a variety of food choices. When you cook for only yourself or your spouse, food options are limited because there are fewer people. Cooking for your whole family allows for creative food preparation and a variety of meal options.

Teach Your Kids a Valuable Skill
Get your kids in the kitchen with you! Family meals are the perfect time to teach them the valuable life skill of cooking. Far too many kids today don’t know the first thing about cooking! It becomes problematic as they grow up because they often go for convenient and processed options that are quick. This isn’t good for their health! Getting them in the kitchen for family meals can teach them about food preparation, healthy food, and could inspire an interest in fresh, healthy foods. Learning about healthy food at a young age is likely to encourage a healthier lifestyle in the future. When they’re grown, they will be so grateful that you took the time to teach them to cook, and they will cherish those memories for a lifetime.

Family meals are a great opportunity to bring health and wellness to your entire family. Family meals are really worth the effort. :) Once you get into a routine, it will be a great way to connect with your kids and teach them about healthy foods. If you are interested in support for your healthy lifestyle, contact me. I’d love to offer motivation and advice on your fitness journey!
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Monday, September 28, 2015

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: Top 10 Beachbody coach training

Empowering female entrepreneurs to build a lifestyle THEY love by doing something that 

doesn’t feel like“work” to them, THAT is my freaking JAM through and through. 

THAT desire wakes me up in the morning jumping up out of bed with this insane FIRE in me.

While I have used Beachbody as a platform to build this mobile business, it isn’t because I love 

FITNESS--- I DO. But, FREEDOM--- nothing beats FREEDOM.

I think of exercise as a tool (an INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT TOOL) that can be used to increase 

individuals confidence, improve relationships make people more productive, energetic and have more 

ZEST for life but really….I have found that I am SUPER PASSIONATE about training other women on 

creating a life of freedom for their families.

You know em, in fact you might be one of them!

If you LOVE your job, THAT is totally awesome and I urge you to keep killin it gorgeous but 

know that this message is not directed toward you, this is directed toward THAT GIRL, the

 girl I used to be.

"THAT GIRL" trapped in a career that I LOVED because I worked her butt off to get there 

but instead she felt this weird desire that she wants to make a HUGE impact on others & 

she just cannot SQUASH it. Imissed my babies, hated the shift work and worrying about 

Holidays. Even as a Registered Nurse we were still strapped and who wants to live like 

that with a debt monkey hanging on your shoulders?

The women that I love to mentor just knows that she wants to be making more of an 

impact, are fearless leaders, and feel like they are trapped in their current lifestyle.

Let me tell you…..

I GET YOU & I USED to be like YOU!

If you would have asked me 2 years ago if I would be working from home with my babies in tow, 

traveling the world, partying with Tony Horton, and payed off my new TAHOE in full with

 my Beachbody paycheck this week------

I would have told you that you were ABSOLUTELY NUTS, off your rocker CRAZY. 

But THIS is my real life, I have the FREEDOM to work where & when I want and that is a 

freaking blessing 

& THIS life, or whatever you want it to look like for you could be yours too.

I built my ENTIRE business to the point that could comfortably support our entire family. 

My husband could RETIRE right now if he wanted too. This was all done while working as 

Registered nurse, goingto school for my Masters, and having three small kids at home 

from my kitchen table... I did this between the mom cracks friends in less then 2 years!! 

Close your eyes and imagine your life right now. 

What will it be like if you make no changes to your current situation? 

If you want things to change then you have to make the changes for them to occur. 

This is where Health and Fitness coaching comes into play!

Trust me YOU HAVE TIME, you just have to make a PLAN, BELIEVE in yourself & have 
enough COURAGE to begin. We work on what we call a POWER HOUR. 

Everyone has one hour a day to build their dream life!!

 I have created some incredible systems + training and am dedicated to the ladybosses 

that join my team. You ladies are my JAM!! 

We are a TOP 10 team two years in a row because of the success of my 

coaches and the systems we have in place!

The most important part is that you want to change and are dedicated to working on 

yourself first and foremost through fitness and nutrition. I am going to teach you how to do 

this so the beginning of your training will all be on you toning up, losing weight, learning 

more about nutrition, and strengthening that mental muscle.

I’m opening spots for my new coach university that begins this Monday October 5th.

 I am going to be mentoring a small group of new coaches that join my team through 30 days of training. The cool part is that its virtual, you can log in on your own time and do the daily tasks, you have access to me 24/7 and you can duplicate my process and systems for success!  

-I will teach you how to effectively run your power hour each day-what are the most important daily activities you should focus on and where you should spend your time.

- You will have access to our team training site that you can check out Here.

-My goal is to help you achieve YOUR GOALS!!!  
-I am 100% committed to helping you succeed!  I love what I do and that means I'm not just going to sign you up and let you figure it out on your own.  --If you join my team you have my word that I will support you through the new coach process!  

So now is the time!  Are you a BUSY WOMAN?

Do you have a natural drive to be successful? Are you willing to have faith in the process 
and trust that I wouldn't lead you astray?  Do you believe in your ABILITY to be successful? And do you believe that somehow someway you are meant for GREATNESS?

If you would like to be considered for a spot to be personally mentored by me ( a top 10 

coach for 2 years in a row) to get in the best shape of your life, build a business that is 

centered on helping other people while creating a dream life for you and your family I am 

waiting to hear from you!!

If this is you then I want to you on my team!  Make sure you complete the application below ASAP so that you can reserve a spot in my new coach training program!

Now is your time! Trust me, the conditions will never be perfect! The only thing you have is today and tomorrow is not guaranteed! So why wait!  you have nothing to lose!

I will be following up with all applications over the next few days!!! Make the changes in 

your life and start living out your dreams, get in the best shape of your life, and combat this 

crazy obesity epidemic one person at a time!! 

If you are on mobile and cannot fill out the application you can email me at

and I will get one sent over to you!!

Can’t wait to help YOU build YOUR DREAMS!!
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Saturday, September 26, 2015

5 Strategies for Exercising at Home

woman exercising at home
Exercising at home is a great way to maintain fitness and work toward a healthy lifestyle, but there are a lot of distractions in a home environment that often take priority over exercise. To overcome these distractions, implement these five strategies for exercising at home!

Set Up Space
The first key to exercising at home is having a specific area dedicated to exercise. This workout area should be easily accessible and contain all the necessities for your workout. You may need a yoga mat, free weights, a TV to watch workout videos, and speakers for music. With a set space for exercise, you will not need to gather equipment before your workout, so there will be less opportunity for distraction.

Set a Routine
Decide when you want to work out, and stick to that plan. If you want to work out in the morning, schedule it into your day. If you want to work out while your kids are at school, schedule a time to do it then. Once you make a schedule, follow through with it regularly to make it a routine. Exercising at home is only successful if you stick to your schedule! Don’t let other things get in the way of your workout.

Put on Workout Clothes
It’s easy to walk to your exercise room in comfortable lounging clothes, but it will not lead to an effective workout. Treat exercising at home like you would treat exercising at a gym.  Put your hair up, put on your athletic socks, your training shoes, and your workout apparel. You will be in the right mindset and ready to sweat it out.

Leave Visual Cues
If you don’t have room to leave all your workout equipment in a separate space, try to leave at least one athletic accessory out. If you have your workout equipment hidden away, you will be significantly less likely to use it! Try leaving your yoga mat or your free weights in a place where you can see them. This visual cue will be a helpful reminder.

Log Your Workouts
Exercising at home is different than going to a gym. It is harder to differentiate your activities. A good way to keep track of your exercises is to create a workout log. Keep track of what exercises you did and how they made you feel. It is also important to note how the exercise worked in your home. Did you have enough space? Did you have the right equipment? A thorough workout log will help you achieve long-term success.

Exercising at home is a great way to work toward your healthy lifestyle because it can be convenient and effective! Implement some of these strategies and you’ll achieve fitness success in no time. If you want extra support and motivation, contact me! I’d love to help inspire your fitness journey.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

8 Refrigerator Essentials for a Healthy Life

refrigerator essentials in a refrigerator in the kitchen

I’ve created a list of 8 refrigerator essentials. These foods will keep you on track for healthy eating! With a helpful list of refrigerator essentials, you will know exactly what you need to purchase when you go to the grocery store. 

1% Milk is the first refrigerator essential. It has enough fats to use in baking, but it is still delicious to drink plain or put in your cereal. Diary milk contains nourishing minerals, like calcium, and healthy fats that our body needs.


Eggs are practically a miracle food. As a refrigerator essential, eggs are used in baking, cooking, or on their own as a meal. Eggs are a great source of high-quality protein, and they contain many healthy nutrients! The egg white is a rich source of vitamin D, zinc, iron, and copper. The yolk contains healthy fats and vitamin B2.

Carrots are great to have on hand. They contain vitamin A and other important nutrients! They can be implemented into meals or eaten as a quick snack. Plus, carrots have a fairly long refrigeration life, so you can keep them in your fridge for a week or two.

Broccoli is a fiber-packed food and a rich source of vitamin K and vitamin C. Broccoli can be steamed as a side dish or it can be tossed into an omelette for a nutritious breakfast! It is a refrigerator essential because it is an easy food to incorporate into different meals.

Berries are definitely refrigerator essentials. You don't need a variety of berries in your fridge at one time, but try rotating blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Berries can be used in smoothies, as a topping for oatmeal, or as a quick snack. They contain healthy antioxidants and help keep you healthy by boosting your immune system!

Fresh greens are refrigerator essentials because you can use them to make a delicious salad for lunch or a side salad for dinner. Spinach, romaine lettuce, and kale are great choices for your salad greens.

Salmon is a refrigerator essential because it provides an easy way to get healthy lean protein and important omega 3 fatty acids. Prepare salmon for your dinner's main course and use leftovers to top your lunch salad. Yum!

Sauces, Dressings
It is important to keep your favorite flavor of sauces and dressings stocked! Eating healthy is more fun if you enjoy the flavor of what you’re eating. Pre-make your favorite healthy dressings and sauces so they are always available when you need them.

If you are looking for extra motivation on your fitness journey, contact me! I would love to help you work toward a healthy lifestyle. :)
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

3 Ways to Get Back on Track with Healthy Living

a woman on a beach and back on track with healthy living

Getting back on track to healthy living can be challenging. There are so many temptations in our day to day lives. It is understandable to have slip ups! I have three ways to rediscover your motivation to get back on track to fitness and healthy eating.

Remember Your Motives
The biggest struggle of healthy living is finding consistent motivation. Motivation gets you to the gym, helps you buy healthy foods and prevents you from falling back to unhealthy habits. Get back on track to healthy living with a reminder in your motivation. So, why do you want to be healthy?
  • Energy - Your energy levels improve when you are treating your body well, exercising, and giving it nourishing food. Quality of life improves when you have more energy! Remember that to help you get back on track.
  • Appearance - Your appearance greatly improves if you are nourishing your body and working on muscle toning! Healthy foods, proper hydration, and nutrients are important. You will get healthier and stronger hair. Your skin will be firmer and glowing. Your body will tone up, and you will walk with better posture and more confidence.
  • Health - Get back on track by remembering the importance of your health. Eating well and exercising will keep you healthy now and in the long run. Proper nutrition helps prevent many diseases and illnesses. Get back on track to live a long and healthy life.

Set New Goals
If you have reached your goals and maybe regressed to old habits, it’s time to set new goals! Without a goal in mind, motivation can be hard to find. Do not go back to bad habits after you have come this far in your fitness journey. Get back on track. :)
  • Weight loss - Set a new weight loss goal for yourself. Are you ready to lose those lingering five pounds? Believe in yourself! Set that goal. Get back on track with healthy habits.
  • Routine - Set a routine goal. This can be a great way to get back on track. If you create a goal to maintain a routine, it will help structure your entire lifestyle around health. You can make a goal to exercise on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can make a goal only to eat out at restaurants once a week. Setting routine goals are rewarding because you can accomplish them consistently.
  • Implement different foods - To get back on track, you can try implementation goals. Maybe you feel your diet is lacking fiber, you can add more apples or other fiber-rich foods into your eating habits. It’s an easy goal to obtain, but it is putting you back on track toward healthy living!

The easiest way to get back on track is through scheduling and structuring. Create a healthy meal plan each week. You can also plan meal prep days. This will ensure that you will always have healthy food in the house and will limit impulsive purchases of junk food. You can also get back on track by creating a workout regime. Go to the gym with a plan and a will to complete it. This will be helpful motivation to get in shape and get healthy.

With these tips, you will be able to get back on track with healthy living! For a little extra motivation and support, please contact me! I would love to help you on your journey toward a healthy lifestyle.
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Saturday, September 19, 2015

9 Benefits of Strength Training

Strength training can be the cure for a lull in your gym routine! If you’re getting bored with the treadmill and elliptical, it’s time to switch it up. Implement strength training! Strength training provides many benefits to your overall health, your physique, and metabolic rate. Learn about 10 benefits of strength training. You’ll be motivated to start!

1) Boost Your Metabolism
After a few weeks of strength training, individuals notice an increase in their resting metabolic rate. Lean muscle burns more calories than fat tissue. This means you are burning more calories just going about your day, helping you slim down faster.

2) Improve Your Mood
Strength training, like cardio, releases endorphins. Strength training can elevate your mood and energy levels just after one session. It’s proven to de-stress the mind and improve the quality of sleep.

3) Tone Up
The most obvious benefit of strength training is muscle toning. It allows you to shape and define different muscles that is simply impossible to do that with a treadmill alone. There are varieties of programs for different strength training goals. Whether you want to bulk up, or grow lean and long, there are strength training programs for you!

4) Improve Strength All Over
Strength training isn’t only about muscle development. It strengthens ligaments, tendons, and nerves to prevent injury in your day to day life. After a few weeks of strength training, you will notice that you walk more comfortably, your posture is improving, and you feel great all over.

5) Beat Boredom
Run on the treadmill. Walk on the elliptical. It can get dull! With strength training, you have the ability to switch it up whenever you want. Work your legs one day, work your arms the next. Target your core, or spend a session on your glutes. With strength training, you can target different parts of the body to keep your routine from getting repetitive!

6) Boost Your Self-Esteem
Who doesn’t like seeing results in the mirror? We all love that feeling! It’s a great boost in self-confidence to see your hard work paying off. Strength training is one of the fastest ways to see results in muscle tone.

7) No Limitation
Strength training doesn’t require a gym! You can do a variety of resistance and strength training in the comfort of your home. How convenient is that?

8) Disease Prevention
Studies have shows that strength training leads to overall health and well-being. Strength training can diminish symptoms of arthritis. It can also help prevent diabetes because healthy muscles help regulate glucose levels within the body.

9) Burn More Calories
After you have been strength training for a while, you will burn more calories all the time. If you hop on the treadmill, it's will be a more productive cardio session with you newly strengthened muscles!

With these 9 strength training tips, you could be well on your way to a happier and healthier you. If you are working toward your fitness goals, contact me! I'd love to help you stay motivated on your fitness journey and help you live a healthy lifestyle!

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Friday, September 18, 2015

4 Characteristics of a Great Gym Partner

a person and her gym partner stretching

A gym partner can make or break your workout. A good gym partner will hold you accountable to your routine and keep you motivated toward fitness success! A bad gym partner, however, can hinder your success at the gym. Before you commit to a workout partner, make sure the individual has the following four characteristics:

1) Reliable

   When you choose to workout with another person, you should expect that person to respect your time and be a reliable gym partner. If your gym partner is running late to every workout session or just doesn’t show up, it can throw off your whole workout routine. A gym partner should be able to be at the gym on time and ready to go! You should be, too. Respect your gym partner’s time so they respect yours. A routine schedule that you both can stick to is a great place to start.

2) Motivated

   Your gym partner should be motivated to achieve fitness success. Your workout partner should want to be at the gym, want to get stronger, and want to compete against him/herself. This kind of motivation is contagious! It will help keep you motivated and working toward your goals. If you are both motivated as individuals, together you will be inspired toward workout success every time you both hit the gym.

   A gym partner should also be motivating. Some days, you just might not want to be there. You might be sore or feeling lazy. A great gym partner will help push you through your off day and get you feeling energized by the end of the routine! You will also be your partner’s motivator of he/she is having an off day. Make sure you both understand the best way to motivate each other! Do you prefer inspirational comments or do you prefer a critique on your form? Let your gym partner know!

3) Similar Goals

   A gym partner should also have a similar set of goals. If you want to do cardio and aerobics, but your gym partner wants to build up muscle, you will have issues creating workout plans that fit both of your goals. Find a partner who is interested in the same long-term goals as you. Similar fitness level can also be beneficial, but isn’t necessary as each aspect of exercise can be modified to each fitness level.

4) Responsible

   Find a gym partner who wants to participate in the preparation of the workout. If you are the one doing all the planning and organizing of a routine, it can become an exhausting job. Pick a gym partner who wants to help create the workout routine, research new exercises, and contribute information for a successful workout regimen.

Getting back into the gym is great and having a gym partner can greatly improve the experience. For a little extra motivation or for workout ideas contact me! :) I’d love to help you reach your fitness goals.
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Saturday, September 12, 2015

5 Gym Bag Essentials

items you need a gym bag
A gym bag is the one thing you always need to bring to the gym. It holds all the essentials for an effective workout! I have put together a list of the basic items. You will be able to go to the fitness center confidently, knowing that your gym bag holds all the items you need for an energizing workout.

An important part of exercising is feeling comfortable in what you are wearing. Shoes, socks, and apparel can affect the efficiency and energy during your workout. Here's what you need in your gym bag:

  • Shoes. Your gym bag should have your work out shoes. Your choice of footwear can make or break your experience at the gym. Shoes that are ill-fitting can make your feet sore, and distract you from your workout. The right pair of shoes will support your arch, hold your foot in place, and will be appropriate for the type of workout you are doing.
  • Socks. Socks may seem irrelevant to your workout, but they are not. A chunky cotton sock will bulge up in your shoes and make you uncomfortable. They are also not breathable, which can cause annoying foot sweat. Purchase some thin, athletic socks and keep them on hand in your gym bag. You won’t regret it!
  • Apparel. Your clothes are another important component of preparing a perfect gym bag. You want clothes that are light, breathable, and comfortable. Avoid heavy or overly baggy clothes. They will get in the way of your workout! You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars and name brand workout apparel. The main goal here is feeling comfortable, feeling confident, and being able to move efficiently.

Now you know what clothing items you need. I also have a couple suggestions for items that will improve the quality of your workout.

  • Music. Put music in your gym bag! A great workout playlist will complement your exercise and keep you moving. Music serves as a distraction and motivator helping you to push through the hard part of your workout! Always have your iPod or MP3 player in your gym bag.
  • Water. Invest in a water bottle exclusively for your gym bag. A BPA-free water bottle is healthier for you than water bottles from vending machines, and it’s better for the environment. Staying hydrated during a workout is important for workout success. Water keeps your body energized and will replace the fluid you lose from sweating.

I hope you find these gym bag essentials helpful when you are getting back into a gym routine! If you would like extra support with your weight loss and fitness goals, contact me! I would love to help you get on track toward a healthy lifestyle.
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