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How To Lift Your Mood With Exercise

Yoga mats a - Yoga is one way to practice how to lift your mood using exercise.
Do you know how to lift your mood with exercise? That’s right, it’s not only good for the body, but for the mind and brain, too! Exercise causes the brain to release endorphins, a feel good chemical that helps you feel great.

To learn how to lift your mood and experience the benefits of endorphins, commit to at least 30 minutes a day of intentional activities to get your heart rate up. This can be any combination of weight training or cardiovascular exercise. Remember, you should challenge yourself by pushing a little more each time to get the most out of your exercise and improve your mood.

So, if you the winter blues have got to you, try these different forms of exercise to get fit and lift your spirits!

How To Lift Your Mood With Exercise

Dance: Shake it! You can have a dance party with the kids, go out for a girl’s night of dancing, or take a zumba class at your local gym. You can also follow an instructional video if you don’t want to be anywhere people will see your sweet moves. :)

Yoga: Nothing like a zen bit of yoga to release endorphins and get you feeling strong, balanced and steady. You can go to a class, or grab a video like P90X yoga to get started.

Biking: If you’re sitting around trying to think of how to lift your mood, try getting on a bike and thinking about it. Then, you’ll actually be lifting your mood with the exercise, PLUS you might even think of other great ways to get in a bit of extra cardio.

Swimming: I love this one in the summer! A great way to stay in shape without putting any strain on the joints. Plus, who doesn’t like a trip to the beach?

Walking: If you’re not up for a really intense workout but still need a stimulation, try a nice walk. There’s nothing wrong with breathing in the fresh air and taking in your surroundings with a walk around the neighborhood or on a nearby trail.

Yardwork: Don’t put it off! Wondering how to lift your mood while getting something done? Yardwork is the answer. Mow your lawn, weed the garden, rake leaves and do whatever you can to get the lawn looking great and your mood up.

Playing: That’s right, just play. If you’re wondering how to lift your mood with exercise when you have kids preventing you from working out, just play. Commit 30 minutes to take them to the park or play tag or go ice skating. Quality family time and exercise are sure to lift your mood!

Try it out and you will see how to improve your mood with exercise - just do it! Fit in exercise each day in any way you can. If you have any great ideas, share them in the comments section so we can all learn new and creative ways to get our heart beats up and lift our moods!

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