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Fitness and Business Extreme Bootcamp: Turn your Fitness into your Business

Hello there friends! Hope that you are staying warm on this cold winter day! I have spent most of the day getting caught up on my emails and messages. The kids had a ton of snow days last week so I spent the time enjoying them and our time together. After reading through and answering a ton of questions from you.. I decided that a FUN group was in order. Are you ready to shed some pounds together and learn how I was able to change my love and passion for Fitness and helping others into a business.


Disclaimer: This GROUP has NO FEE'S. IT WILL LAST 7 DAYS. Expect to shed weight and learn how to earn $$ as a coach!

Did you know that it is possible to turn your fitness goals into a business? I did and it has completely changed my life.

:::::::Well here is the deal I am opening my first 5 Day Fitness and Business opportunity Extreme Boot Camp. For 5 straight days you are going to live in the life of me and learn what I do and how I do it all from the comfort of your home (even in your PJ's if you wish)
Here is what you can expect:
1. A clean eating meal plan to follow for 5 days.
2. Daily workouts.
3. Fit tips and advice.
4. You will get daily videos from me about What Beachbody Coaching is and how it all works! You will learn from myself and several other leaders on our team about how to start a business with your fitness and pay your fitness forward.
Last day to join us on February 24th!
Just fill out the application below and I will get you added ASAP.
Also, friend me on Facebook while you are at it so I can get you into the group once your application has been reviewed!

Excited to meet everyone!

See you on the flip side!

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Morning Meltdown 100 test Group
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Beachbody is going International

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