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Tips For Healthy Holiday Fitness

Woman doing bicycle crunches as part of a holiday fitness routine.
Okay, so healthy holiday fitness is not always a top priority during the winter season. But it should be! Taking a break from fitness means a long road to recovery from extra Christmas cookies, holiday drinks and large, enticing meals. Decide on holiday fitness NOW so you don’t have to worry about catching up in the future.

These are the tips I follow to stay committed to holiday fitness, even during the hustle and bustle of the season:
  • Have a plan. Holiday fitness absolutely needs to be planned out so you know exactly what you are doing and when; this will save time and eliminate the excuse of not knowing what to do. Be sure to take family time and events into consideration; maybe the holiday workouts require you to get up a little earlier or stay up a little later, it’s totally worth it!
  • Get a partner. Find a friend to join you in your holiday fitness journey so you have someone to stay accountable to. Since holiday schedules can get very busy, you don’t have to workout at the same time as that person, but make sure you both have a plan and can talk about it together. Try getting together for one workout per week and then doing the rest on your own. Be sure to regularly debrief each other on how it’s going. Two is better than one!
  • Workout at home. If you have time to workout at a gym, great! If not, have an arsenal of home workouts that don’t require equipment; it’s surprising how much of a workout you can get by simply using your own bodyweight. I call this one “Santa’s Christmas Cookie Cure”: 10 burpees, 30 second plank, 10 squats, 50 jumping jacks, 30 second wall sit, 30 russian twists. It’s great for a quick workout or you can run through it 2-3 times during your favorite holiday movie.
  • Every little bit counts. When it comes to holiday fitness, every small effort you can put in counts. If you end up missing a workout, don’t let it stress you out! Instead, commit to doing 30 pushups and situps before and after a good nights sleep.
  • Keep evaluating. Figure out your goals and stick to them. If your goal is to maintain your weight, keep weighing yourself. If your goal is to get stronger, keep track of what you can do. Seeing the results of what you are accomplishing is the best motivation!
Keep your holiday fitness goals a priority this season by following these tips. Remember, what you decide now will determine the future, so determine your health and fitness goals now so they are still achievable during the holiday season.

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