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4 Reasons for Fall Fitness

4 Reasons for Fall Fitness

Fall fitness is when you start practicing healthy habits during the autumn season. It may seem like a stressful time to implement healthy habits when Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are approaching, but holidays can be a motivating reason for fall fitness! Here are four motivating reasons to work on your fitness this fall.

Look great before holiday events.
Why wait until after the holidays to get in shape? You can start now and get fit before family gatherings! Start your fall fitness routine now, shed a few pounds, tone up a little bit, and slip into a cute costume for Halloween. Get ready to wear that outfit for Christmas and that perfect NYE dress that you’ve been dreaming about!  There are a bunch of photos taken in the fall season, so why not look your best!  You’ll be happier looking knowing that you are working on your health and fitness and feeling good.

Motivate others.
Another great reason for fall fitness is creating the opportunity to motivate others toward a healthy lifestyle. When your family and friends notice that you are making conscious healthy choices, they’ll be interested in learning more. They’ll notice that you are looking good, and feeling confident and energized. Fall fitness is a great way to encourage others to live a healthier life.

You will be less likely to get discouraged or overeat.
Too often, people try to crash diet before events or holiday gatherings. It is not effective or healthy. Crash diets lead to overconsumption and feeling discouraged. If you start your fall fitness before the holidays, you can implement healthy habits and control your cravings and urges. You’ll know to practice portion control and what foods trigger your unhealthy habits. Start fall fitness now to set yourself up for success during the holidays.

Don’t wait for resolution season.
You may be tempted to go through the holiday season with unhealthy habits. You may just want to make a “healthier life” your New Year’s resolution. Don’t wait! Implement a healthier lifestyle now so that you can work toward an even greater goal in the new year! Maybe you want to read more, wake up earlier, or learn new culinary skills. Those resolutions sound way more fun!
Plus, you’ll feel great going to the gym in January, feeling confident in your skill set and workout routine.  There are many new people joining gyms after their NYE resolutions. You can be the one who is already working toward their goals. Start with fall fitness now, be prepared for the holidays, and be ready to take on the new year. :)

For extra support on your healthy and fitness journey, contact me! I would love to offer motivation, tips, and encouragement on your fall fitness routine. A healthier you awaits!

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