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Teaching Children About Health Is Vital

Child's hands holding blueberries after parent made teaching children about health a priority.
As a Beachbody coach and a mother, I believe that teaching children about health is vital. And I’m not saying forcing them into healthful eating. I'm talking about teaching children WHY it’s important to eat healthily and regularly exercise. It does take a little extra time and effort, but the outcome provides a promising outlook for a healthy future.

Benefits Of Teaching Children About Health

Enforces Healthy Habits

Teaching children about health from the beginning helps enforce healthy habits as they grow up. If they start eating a side salad at dinner every night, it will become routine for them. Hopefully, those healthy habits will continue for the rest of their lives.

Produces Healthy Preferences

When children eat healthfully in their youth, they often prefer the taste of whole foods over the taste of processed foods. Plus, their bodies will typically feel the toll of processed foods when they do eat them, so they will continue to recognize the value of getting proper nutrition, daily. Teaching children to eat healthy food every day can help them favor it in the future.

Generates Curiosity

If children start learning why they eat healthily and exercise daily, they’ll start to wonder why they would do anything else. Teaching children the reasoning behind healthy decisions can help get their minds thinking about why they do what they do. That encourages healthy, thought-out decisions.

Prevents Unhealthy Futures

If children are eating healthy and getting enough exercise from the beginning, there shouldn’t be a need to spend time and energy on correcting habits. Establishing healthy lifestyles can prevent things like obesity and obesity-related diseases. It can also eliminate the need for extreme health changes, which can be difficult. Because of this, teaching children about the importance of health can have a profound influence on their future.

Inspires Action

Teaching children the importance of health and exercise means you will be keeping them active. Being active gives children all the great benefits of exercise and fresh air. Plus, when they are running around outside, they aren’t fostering sight and posture issues by sitting and staring at a screen.

Do you agree that teaching children about health is essential? I hope so! Becoming a Beachbody coach is a great way to establish a healthy lifestyle and learn about how to incorporate health into your life, your family members' lives, and your friends' lives. Click here to learn more about becoming a Beachbody coach.

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