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Key Exercises for a Tightening Foam Roller Workout

Foam roller workout accessories including a foam roller and yoga block.

Typically, a foam roller is used for myofascial release in muscles after a workout, but I’ve created a nifty foam roller workout to build muscle, all you need is the roller! Try this out on one of those days you can’t make it to the gym but can spare a few minutes at home.

The Foam Roller Workout:

Chair Hold: Do a chair hold against the wall with your foam roller placed vertically between the wall and your spine. Hold for 30 seconds while lifting your right hand to touch the wall above you and left hand to touch the wall below you, keeping your arms straight. Alternate arms up and down during the chair hold. Repeat four times for this exercise in the foam roller workout.

Side Lunge: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hold the roller horizontally across the chest, with palms facing in on either side of the roller. Step into a deep side lunge, while lifting foam roller to straight overhead as high as possible. Return to standing and bring roller back to center. Repeat with opposite leg lunge. Do ten reps on each side.

Pike Roll: Sit in a pike position with the roller underneath your knees for this foam roller workout move. With one hand at each side, push hands into floor and lift bum so it’s not touching the ground. Roll legs forward, then backward as far as you can. Keep it slow and try to keep as little weight on the roller as possible. Do four sets of five.

Plank Holds: Hold a plank position with the roller underneath your ankles, focusing on keeping your back rounded and hips flat. Then, walk backward with your hands to roll the roller up to the thighs and hold the plank in an open shape, holding feet up as high as possible. Do four sets of ten seconds for each plank.

Sit Up Holds: Place the roller horizontally under lower back with your feet on the floor. Perform a sit up motion until abs are fully engaged, and then hold for ten seconds and lower back down. Perform ten times. You can intensify this foam roller workout move by holding weights while performing it.

Push-Ups: Hold a push-up shape with hands on the roller. Walk right hand to the floor on the right side and left hand to the right edge of the roller. Push up, and then walk hands to the left side of the roller and perform the same move on the other side. Do ten on each side.

Butt Lifts: Lay on your back with your feet close to your butt and on the foam roller. With your arms on the floor beside you, lift butt until hips are up and flat, hold five seconds and lower back down. Repeat this foam roller workout exercise ten times.

Leg Lifts: Lay on back with knees bent and feet on the foam roller. Extend the left leg out, keeping the right leg on the roller. Lift as high as you can with straight leg, then lower back down. Repeat ten times, then switch to right leg. Do three sets on each leg.

Warning: this foam roller workout can be pretty difficult to begin. Feel free to start with smaller numbers and work your way up. Also, this is a workout, not stretching; you can refer to my other blog post about using a foam roller for myofascial release if that’s what your goal is.

A foam roller workout is a great way to get a really great workout in with just one piece of equipment. Time to get your fitness on!

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