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2014 Top 10 Team Beachbody coach

Last week on the Team Beachbody January Surge, which is an event that Beachbody does a few times a year to get out new information to coaches, the CEO Carl Daikeler & Michael Neimand of Beachbody announced the Elite 10 Coaches for 2014!  Elite 10 means that you are one of the top 10 coaches in the entire company and that is out of 230,000+ coaches.  So these top 10 coaches did not just go out there and sell a lot of product. The top 10 coaches are people who are effectively leading and growing their teams. They are duplicating their success, their coaches are having success, and not only are they helping people achieve their health and fitness goals but they are helping their coaches achieve financial goals as well!  It's a great honor to be in the top 10 of Beachbody!  
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The Top 10 Team Beachbody Coaches 2014

So last night on the surge it was announced that I have officially earned the title of Top 10 Elite coaches of Team Beachbody!!!  {INSERT A LOT OF HAPPY TEARS and DEFINITELY A SILLY LOOKING HAPPY DANCE}.  Scott and I were in our basement while the boys were playing the WII and we were tuned into the event when they announced the Elite 10.  I seriously started crying because even though I sorta kinda knew I was going to get it, it wasn't truly official yet!  I sat there in disbelief because this little girl from Pittsburgh with no network marketing background, so social media experience and less than 100 friends on facebook was able to grow a million dollar business, a 15 star diamond business, and now a top coach business in 2 years!!  Heck, if I can do it.... ANYONE CAN DO IT!  Seriously, believe me on this one!  Of course I worked hard but I worked smart and 

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But the point is this you can do anything, I mean ANYTHING you put your mind to!  YOUR MIND is your most powerful tool. Give yourself the green light to achieve your dreams right now!  Self doubt is a shot to the gut every time.

So its official, I am the top10 coach! So what does that mean?!?!  It means that my team is amazing!!! Seriously, its not about my personal business, its about our team Royal Republic and the growth that we have seen in the past 12 months.  They worked hard to achieve success club every month, to invite others to join our challenge groups, to stay committed to helping people reach their health and fitness goals and to growing their teams by inviting others to join!  Because they followed the lead of the leaders they are now crushing their own goals too!  WE did this together and its such an honor to have some of the most amazing coaches on Royal Republic!

 Royal Republic, Elite, Insanity, Insanity Max 30., Alyssa Schomaker, mom, Pittsburgh, Success, Top 10 Coach, Transformation, Successful Beachbody Coach

It also means that I get to go to an all expenses paid, 1st class trip to Paris with Scott and the other top 10 couples in May of this year!!!  {INSERT EVEN MORE EXCITEMENT}  

 Royal Republic, Elite, Insanity, Insanity Max 30., Alyssa Schomaker, mom, Pittsburgh, Success, Top 10 Coach, Transformation, Successful Beachbody Coach

Now here is the super duper cool part... not only did My team end in the top 10 of the company of but, we have developed other Elite coaches as well. This is the top of the company that only 200 coaches out of 250,000 coaches achieve.

Jaclyn is one of my elite coaches who was a 6 figure earning medical sales rep that wanted to be home with her daughter in the worst way. She started as a coach 18 months ago, was able to quit her job and fully replace her income and is home with her family!

Marsha is my other Elite coach. She is a mom of 4 from a tiny town in Wisconsin. She wanted to find something that she could provide for her family while working from home. Her husband worked very long hours and she would go the entire week with barely seeing him. She has been able to create a full time income by helping other people and her husband quit his long hours and was able to find work closer to home, allowing more time with her family!

This is my coach Kathleen. She joined a clean eating challenge group of mine and it transformed her life. She was a busy mom of 3 little boys and also a social worker at the time. Since she started coaching she has quit her job as a social worker and now is home with her kids and working as a coach full time.

I am so blessed by each and everyone of these ladies!

I also have so many new and upcoming leaders on Royal Republic that it is really really exciting to see where the next 12 months are going to take us!!!!

Just because we have achieved the highest rank as a team doesn't mean it stops here!  I seriously love what I do regardless if I make any money at all.  I truly want to see as many of my coaches succeed at coaching as I can! That means that I will do whatever it takes, create new systems and trainings to support and encourage my team! As with any growing business there is always something to learn and I am never done being a student!!!  So Royal Republic, thank you for being awesome and for allowing me to lead you!  I am truly blessed!  Here is to another amazing year with lots of opportunities for growth, friendship and success!!!!

If you have ever considered joining my team please complete the application below to get more information on Royal Republic and what I have to offer you to help you succeed and reach your health and fitness plus financial goals!!!

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