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How to Eat for Energy

Healthy foods like apples are something you should eat for energy.
We’ve all been attacked by the afternoon energy blues and they can be tough! Turning to sugar or caffeine is not the answer, it’s going to give you false energy that will cause you to crash later on. So, I’d like to share with you some foods that you should eat for energy to help your body naturally ward off those wary afternoon blues.
Foods to eat for energy:
Veggies. If you are trying to eat for energy, veggies are amazing! Some vegetables have protein, complex carbs and good fats that will keep you energized. I recommend bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers and broccoli. Iron deficiencies can cause fatigue, so eat foods like spinach that are full of iron to rev up your energy.
Healthy Starches. These are typically full of fiber and protein to keep your energy high and stomach satisfied for hours. I love to add a little brown rice, lentils, beans, granola or quinoa to my afternoon snacks as I eat for energy.
Fruits. Besides being absolutely delicious, fruits are an awesome source because they are chock full of antioxidants, natural sugars and complex carbs that turn into energy. Some of my favorites are apples, berries, melons, pears and coconut. Add a little lemon to your water and you’ve got a tasty burst of liquid energy!
Proteins. Add a protein to your snack or meal as you eat for energy; it will help sustain energy to keep you going strong all day. Good sources of protein are almonds, yogurt, protein bars, hummus, salmon, eggs, beans and lentils.
Water. Sometimes it’s not all about how you eat for energy, staying hydrated is important too! Drink enough water throughout the day or dehydration will slow you down. Remember, caffeine is even more dehydrating so try drinking more water for energy before sipping some coffee.
Dark Chocolate. My favorite! Grab a piece of dark chocolate when it’s time to eat for energy. Make sure it is dark so that it is full of antioxidants and doesn’t have all the added sugar of milk chocolate, which can cause a sugar high and crash later on.

Aside from eating the right foods, general health is so important for staying energetic the whole day long. Be sure to eat real, unprocessed food. Choose food that is local and in season to get the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients and eat a balanced selection of foods to feel good all day long. Don’t forget to get enough sleep - it’s difficult to eat for energy if you aren’t properly resting up during the night.

It’s not always about the shots of caffeine and bursts of sugar. Be healthy as you eat for energy and stay alert the whole day by eating these delicious foods throughout the day.

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