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Great Arm workouts to accessorize that little black dress

Great arm workouts are the answer to looking amazing in those strapless dresses, halter tops and swimsuits. And guess what? You don’t need to go to the gym to get toned arms. Great arm workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home! Here are the moves I’ve put together to use as one of your great arm workouts; doing this 3-4 times a week will get incredible results so you won’t have to think twice before choosing which shoulder bearing piece to wear. Work up to the numbers I suggest - start with whatever works best for you and then gradually increase.

My top exercises for great arm workouts:

Push Ups (25) - Standard push-ups are one of the best moves around. Great arm workouts usually involve push ups if you are looking for something that works every muscle in the arm in addition to the core. Make sure to keep your body straight the whole time.

Arm Circles (50) - This one seems simple but it can be a killer! Stand with feet shoulder width apart and engage the core muscles. Then put your arms straight out to the side and do 50 arm circles backward and 50 forward. For intensity in great arm workouts, add some weights!

Chair Dips (25) - Don’t forget about the triceps during great arm workouts. Put hands on the seat of a chair with fingers facing forward and feet on the ground in front of you with knees straight. Dip your booty straight down the ground and then push back up.

Push Up Circles (10) - Start in a push up position and shift your chest over your right wrist as far as possible, then lower down to one inch above the ground. Shift chest as far over left wrist as possible and then push back and return to normal push up position. Repeat 10 ten times and then do the same thing going in the opposite direction. If this one doesn’t make you sore, I don’t know what will!

Push Up Jumps (20) - Involve the push up position as much as possible for great arm workouts! For this move, start in a push position then jump hands and feet out at the same time to make an X position with your body and jump back to push up position.

Plange Dip (20) - Start in an elbow plank, then slowly rock forward until chin is one inch from ground and pull back to elbow plank position. This is also super awesome for the core so make sure to be squeezing your stomach too.

Pike to Elbows (25) - Start in a downward dog position, slowly lower right elbow to the ground and then left so that both forearms are on the ground, then push right elbow back to straight and follow with the left.

Pike Push Up (20) - Start in a downward dog position, then bend elbow to touch the top of the head to floor and push back up. This move is awesome for working the shoulders so make sure to fit it in!

What are you waiting for? Get your great arm workouts done this week for extra confidence next week. Toned arms are in your future!

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