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How to Have a Healthy Holiday

healthy holiday pumpkins

Having a healthy holiday seems impossible, but it doesn’t have to be! November has begun, Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and other holidays are coming up! As exciting and fun as the holidays are, maintaining a healthy approach to eating and living is important during this season. Diet and exercise greatly affect your mood, and you want to enjoy the holidays with family and friends! That’s why it is important to have a healthy holiday. Implement the following tips this month and next month to stay on track with health and wellness. You won’t regret it!

Plan Ahead
An important part of a healthy holiday is being prepared to make nutritious choices. Planning ahead is key to maintaining balance and structure to the holiday season. Staying on track through November and December can be difficult because of how busy our schedules get. Here are a few tips to help plan for a healthy holiday.
  • Plan a workout schedule. For a healthy holiday season, be sure that you are still getting in your regular workouts. Not prioritizing exercise will cause you to feel sluggish and exhausted. It will affect the rest of your productivity. Try keeping a workout journal and planning your exercise routines out in advance.
  • Plan your meals. Planning your meals is another important aspect of having a healthy holiday. Holiday meals tend to be carbohydrate heavy and not friendly to people who are trying to live a clean lifestyle. Be prepared to have snacks on hand or food planned out in advance. Food prep will also help the rest of your week go smoothly because you won’t be worrying about preparing meals multiple times a day.
  • Know your travel plans. A lot of traveling occurs during the holiday season. To have a healthy holiday be prepared for your travel plans. Know if you want to prepare delicious snacks for the road. Know what equipment to bring if you plan on getting a workout in while you are traveling.

Stay Focused on Long-term Goals
Don’t let temptation get the best of you during the holidays. Avoid overeating junk food. You will be proud that you did! Kill it in the gym routinely to stay motivated for a healthy holiday. After all, the next holiday is New Year's Eve! Get excited to wear your knockout NYE outfit.  :)

Remember that the holidays are an awesome time to celebrate family, friends, food, and being grateful for the past year, but it can also be an extremely hectic time. Your health matters, so take care of yourself!
  • Find some alone time. For a healthy holiday, be sure to find some time for meditation and time to relax. It will improve all the other aspects of your life.

For extra motivation during the holidays, connect with me! I’d love to help you maintain your health and fitness goals during the holiday season and after! In addition, follow me on Instagram for extra workout inspiration and motivation. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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