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5 Unique Benefits of Yoga

woman experiencing the benefits of yoga

There are numerous benefits to yoga. We all know the obvious ones like flexibility, muscle strength, and the improvement of posture, but what are the other benefits of yoga? The ones that are less obvious? What are the benefits of yoga that are healing for the mind and the body? I’ve made a list of the health benefits that will inspire you to try yoga at least once.

Yoga increases your blood flow.
The first benefit of yoga is an increase in blood flow and circulation. Cells that receive more oxygen function better than cells that receive less. The twisting poses in yoga help circulate fresh, oxygenated blood to flow into areas that have been built up with toxins. This oxygenated blood helps rid the body of the less oxygenated blood. Another benefit of yoga is that it increases levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells. These red blood cells carry oxygen to tissues and help prevent blood clots.

Yoga improves your mood.
A mental benefit of yoga is an improved mood. Studies have shown that yoga can lift one’s mood because yoga leads to a significant increase in serotonin levels and a decrease in the levels of monoamine oxidase. Yoga has been shown to improve depression and its symptoms when practiced consistently.

Yoga helps you concentrate.
Another mental benefit of yoga is an improvement of focus and intelligence. Studies have shown that regular practice of yoga improves coordination, IQ scores, and memory in the short and long term. This mental benefit of yoga occurs because, during yoga, one is less distracted by their thoughts. Those who practice yoga can focus in on their experiences and are more apt to solve problems from a calm and relaxed mind.

Yoga helps you have a better night’s sleep.
Yoga provides relief and relaxation from our modern, hectic lifestyles. This in turn leads to better and deeper sleep because your body is more prepared for relaxation and rest. A better night’s sleep leads to improvements in every aspect of life.

Yoga aids in healthy digestion.
Another benefit of yoga is gut health and proper digestion. Digestive issues like constipation, IBS, and ulcers are worsened by stress. Because yoga is a great way to relieve stress, you will be indirectly improving your digestion by simply stressing less. All physical exercise has been shown to improve digestion. Moving the body helps facilitate an environment that aids in faster, more efficient digestion.

I highly recommend trying yoga, at least once. See how you like it! With practice, it becomes more and more enjoyable. With consistent yoga practice, you will reap all these benefits and more. Try it for yourself to discover why yoga is an amazing way to discover health of the body and the mind. For extra motivation on your journey toward a healthy lifestyle, please contact me! I’m here to help support you on your journey and offer encouragement for healthy lifestyle changes.

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