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5 Gym Bag Essentials

5 Gym Bag Essentials
A gym bag is the one thing you always need to bring to the gym. It holds all the essentials for an effective workout! I have put together a list of the basic items. You will be able to go to the fitness center confidently, knowing that your gym bag holds all the items you need for an energizing workout.

An important part of exercising is feeling comfortable in what you are wearing. Shoes, socks, and apparel can affect the efficiency and energy during your workout. Here's what you need in your gym bag:

  • Shoes. Your gym bag should have your work out shoes. Your choice of footwear can make or break your experience at the gym. Shoes that are ill-fitting can make your feet sore, and distract you from your workout. The right pair of shoes will support your arch, hold your foot in place, and will be appropriate for the type of workout you are doing.
  • Socks. Socks may seem irrelevant to your workout, but they are not. A chunky cotton sock will bulge up in your shoes and make you uncomfortable. They are also not breathable, which can cause annoying foot sweat. Purchase some thin, athletic socks and keep them on hand in your gym bag. You won’t regret it!
  • Apparel. Your clothes are another important component of preparing a perfect gym bag. You want clothes that are light, breathable, and comfortable. Avoid heavy or overly baggy clothes. They will get in the way of your workout! You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars and name brand workout apparel. The main goal here is feeling comfortable, feeling confident, and being able to move efficiently.

Now you know what clothing items you need. I also have a couple suggestions for items that will improve the quality of your workout.

  • Music. Put music in your gym bag! A great workout playlist will complement your exercise and keep you moving. Music serves as a distraction and motivator helping you to push through the hard part of your workout! Always have your iPod or MP3 player in your gym bag.
  • Water. Invest in a water bottle exclusively for your gym bag. A BPA-free water bottle is healthier for you than water bottles from vending machines, and it’s better for the environment. Staying hydrated during a workout is important for workout success. Water keeps your body energized and will replace the fluid you lose from sweating.

I hope you find these gym bag essentials helpful when you are getting back into a gym routine! If you would like extra support with your weight loss and fitness goals, contact me! I would love to help you get on track toward a healthy lifestyle.

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