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Healthy Skin at the Gym

Healthy Skin at the Gym

Are you experiencing breakouts since you have started sweating it out at the gym? Lifestyle changes can affect your complexion! Pores that are opened by sweating are more prone to becoming clogged and inflamed. Don’t let your skin change the way you work out, simply modify the way you take care of your skin. Here are six helpful ways to keep healthy skin at the gym.

Wash Face

It is important to wash your face prior to exercise. Washing your face will rid your skin of bacteria and dead cells that can clog pores while working out. When you exercise and sweat, your pores enlarge and are much more easily clogged if the surface of your skin is not fresh. Use a very mild cleanser before you work out or use facial cleansing wipes to keep your healthy skin.

Clean Machines

It might sound like a nuisance, but be sure to clean the machines before you exercise. You cannot trust that the person who used the machine before you wiped it clean. Others’ sweat that was left on the machine can wreak havoc on your healthy skin. If you accidentally touch your face after touching their sweat, you could be dealing with a breakout. Use the gym provided machine cleansers before and after each use, to ensure that you are using a clean machine.

Don’t Touch Your Skin

As stated above, touching your skin while it is sweating can be problematic. Bring a clean and soft sweat towel with you to the gym to avoid ski-to-skin contact and the clogging of your pores.


If you are working out and not drinking enough water throughout the day, dehydration can lead to dry skin, followed by an excess creation of sebum. This can lead to clogged pores and acne on your once healthy skin. Make sure you are staying hydrated throughout your workout and throughout the day.

Wash Your Face Again

There is a point where over drying can occur from washing your face too often, and you want to avoid this. However, you do not want bacteria and toxins that you sweat out during a workout to pool on top of your pores! Wash it off immediately after exercising. Use a gentle cleanser, rinse with tepid water, and pat dry. If possible, let your skin air dry entirely. Air drying helps prevent irritation that can be caused by touching sensitive skin. Be sure to apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer once your skin has dried. Staying moisturized will help you have healthy skin!

Body Acne

If you experience breakouts on your shoulders or back, the best approach to healthy skin is showering immediately after a workout. Use your normal body wash and clean your skin at the gym. It will take a little extra time, but it will be worth it to prevent skin irritation.

If you are beginning your journey to a healthy lifestyle, contact me! I would love to help you on your health and wellness journey.

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