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Fun Exercise Ideas for Summer Fitness

People playing volleyball on the beach as a fun exercise
Need some fun exercise ideas to keep you moving this summer? I’ve got some tips to get you started! It’s so important to make sure that your exercise is also fun; it makes it that much easier to be active every day.

Team Up.
Do you enjoy a little bit of friendly competition? A team sport might be right up your alley! Team sports might remind you of being on the playground as a child, but playing sports with a team can also provide fun exercise for adults! Start up a team with a group of friends or look for adult leagues in your area. Sports like basketball, soccer, and baseball might seem like child’s play when they’re not at a professional level, but they’re great workouts for everyone.

Set a Goal.
Running is a great exercise and an easy way to get outdoors. Sign up for a 5k with some friends, and you’ll have a goal to work toward as well as some peers to train with! Making the commitment of registering for the event makes it easier to stick with your training, and teaming up with others can give you some extra motivation to achieve your goal. You can even beat the summer heat by running in the morning before the sun gets too hot.

Keep Cool.
Swimming is another fun exercise, and it gives you a nice break from the summer heat. Swimming laps around the pool will get your heart pumping and work all of your muscle groups. Did you know you can also do strength training in the pool? Try using resistance bands or weights in the water for a intense strength workout. Pool workouts are a great option for those hot summer days because they allow you to get a full workout while you stay cool in the water.

A Day at the Beach.
If you’re lucky enough to be hitting the beach this summer, spend some time moving around on the sandy shores. Walking and running on sand is a great workout. The sand shifts beneath your feet as you move, so your muscles have to work a little harder. Get a group together for some sand volleyball to ramp it up.

Try these fun exercise ideas this summer! You might just discover a new activity that you love. If you’re passionate about fitness and want to share that passion with others, you should consider becoming a Beachbody Coach! Simply complete this short survey, and feel free to message me with any questions you might have.

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