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The Significant Benefits of Good Posture

Okay, so I had no idea that the benefits of good posture were so important! I had my first visit with a chiropractor last month and was fascinated by the exam. I am in too all kinds of alternative and holistic medicine. The more that I learn the more that I want to fuel by body with the most nutrient dense foods possible. I know it’s healthy to have good posture, but all the amazing things that it helps your body with is pretty cool. So naturally, I wanted to share them with you.

The Benefits of Good Posture:

  • Aids Breathing. When you are hunched over, your chest cavity gets compressed so there isn’t very much room to let air through for breathing. So, one of the benefits of having good posture is that it allows your body the space to take in big, deep breaths for the oxygen you rely on.

  • Supports the Brain. Proper posture can actually help you concentrate better too! Your brain depends on oxygen to get used, so if you’re taking in more air (as mentioned above), your brain is actually able to function better and work more clearly. This is one of the benefits of good posture I don’t want to miss out on!

  • Prevents Health Complications. When your body is aligned, it means that all the other bones and muscles in your body have the proper space to work well. Because of this, you can decrease the risk of slipped discs, back aches, neck problems and headaches with the benefits of good posture. Plus, it allows for healthy blood circulation to keep all the functions in your body strong and healthy.

  • Image Health. The benefits of good posture also extends to our appearance. Standing straight and tall helps you appear more confident, taller, thinner, and stronger. If you don’t believe me, take a look in the mirror and see the difference between when you hunch and when you stand up straight and tall.

  • Promotes Healthy Functions. When you’re experiencing the health benefits of good posture, your bones and joints are in the correct alignment for your muscles to be used properly. So, your muscles don’t use up as much energy with proper posture because they are working efficiently.

Being able to experience the benefits of good posture is absolutely worth the extra effort of being attentive to how you sit, stand, run, or do anything really. It can be a simple change, or a more complicated one if you have already let your posture slip. If you are unsure about what kind of posture health you are in, visit a health professional to get an x-ray and advice for a healthy spine.

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