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Bum Toning Exercises To Lift and Tighten

Woman practicing bum toning exercises.
So, maybe it’s that time of year where you don’t put on the swimsuit as often and you don’t pay as much attention to bum toning exercises. But I say, it’s the perfect time get fit and get your booty ready for bikini season! Here are some great exercises to start doing NOW to look great when swimsuit season comes back around.

Bum Toning Exercises

Hip Lifts - Lie on your back with your arms by your sides, knees tucked with feet on the floor. Lift hips up to the ceiling until flat, hold for 5 seconds squeezing the booty and hamstrings, then lower back down. For more intense bum toning exercises, keep knees together but extend one leg straight out in front of you while doing the same move.

Toe Touches - Lay down on your back with arms by your sides and knees tucked up. Lift both feet off the floor so there is a line straight up from your butt to your knee. Alternate tapping toes quietly on the floor for two minutes for great bum toning exercises. Put on ankle weights to add even more punch to this exercise.

Leg And Heel Raises - Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and good posture. Engage the glutes, thighs, and core as you lift and bend your right leg off the ground as high as you can. Keep your right knee up and raise your left heel up and down 5 times. Repeat on opposite side. These bum toning exercises can be difficult, so if it’s too much right away, gently rest your hand on a chair or counter for balance.

Squat Extensions -  These bum toning exercises are a modification of the good ol’ squat. Start standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down as far as you can with chest up and back straight. As you stand back up, kick one leg out in front of you, then slowly bring back to the floor as you stand straight up. Repeat on other side.

Reverse Leg Lifts - Lay down on your stomach on a bench or table, with legs hanging off from the hips down. Squeeze stomach, butt and back as you lift legs as high as you can, then lower slowly down. For a bum toning exercise that really burns, hold your legs at the top for 5 seconds before lowering back down.

Chair Marches - Stand with feet shoulder width apart, facing a bench or strong chair. Lift and bend right knee until it is hip height, then place foot on bench in front. Stand up on right leg on bench, squeeze glutes, then lower back down to both feet on the floor. Repeat on other leg.  

Do these bum toning exercises regularly to lift and tighten your booty so you look great in that bikini and sunshine. You will thank yourself later for what you put into it TODAY!  

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