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My Favorite Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Man eating a packed lunch filled with foods based on Alyssa's tips to stay healthy.
Since I already covered the fitness tips to stay healthy during the holiday season, I thought I should also share some eating tips to stay healthy during the holidays. I’ve found a few great rules that have helped me feel healthy and look great, even through the holiday parties, family gatherings and festive celebrations.
Eating tips to stay healthy during the holidays:
  • Keep a food journal. But, actually do it. Write down everything you eat and drink so you can look back and see how you have been eating. This should help you spend more time deciding if an extra slice of that pecan pie is worth it, since you know you will have to write it down. Remember, only splurge on the sweet treats that are really, really worth it to you.
  • Remember liquid calories. It’s easy to forget about the liquid calories when it comes to the holidays. Wine, beer and cocktails are chock full of sugar and calories, so be sure to include them on the list of sweet treats to indulge in only if it is really, really worth it. Be sure to limit yourself to one or two drinks or you may be consuming far more calories and sugar than you might have thought. Stay hydrated during the day so that you don’t become super thirsty when all the sugary beverages are within reach.
  • Eat slowly. If you eat very quickly, your body doesn’t have time to send the signal to your brain that you are full. Try to eat slowly and be conscious of when you are starting to get full. Standing up and realizing you have a stomach ache from eating too much is the worst! I suggest chewing longer because the food will be easier for your body to digest.
  • Brush teeth right after eating and drinking. I like to brush my teeth and maybe floss and use a little mouthwash right after I eat or drink. I become less interested in consuming something that will make my teeth feel dirty and ruin my fresh breath. The best tips to stay healthy eliminate the temptation to overindulge.
  • Eat the healthy things first. Eat the healthier options first so you don’t fill up on the unhealthier stuff and end up not having room in your stomach for any of the foods that have the nutrients your body really needs.
  • Don’t skip meals. Eat a good breakfast and lunch, even if you have a dinner to go to. It’s not healthy to try to starve yourself during the day for more stomach room at night. And you will probably fill up on foods that aren’t healthy during the night, rather than eating healthy during the day and then enjoying the unhealthier dishes in smaller amounts.
  • Wear a sexy outfit. There’s no greater motivation than continuing to feel great in an outfit that you love. If you feel healthy and sexy, you will eat like it! This is one of my favorite tips to stay healthy because it’s such a positive motivation.
I hope you can find ways to follow these tips to stay healthy during your holiday celebrations. All it takes is a decision and the determination to carry it out. Cheers to a healthy season!

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