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Get Fit At Home: A Couch Potato Workout

Woman getting fit at home.
I like being able to get fit at home because it eliminates a drive to the gym when I don’t have the time to spare. I’ve designed this workout to be done from the couch, so there are no excuses! You can even keep the TV on while you get fit at home. Remember, you may need to decrease the numbers to start with and work up to higher numbers, or split the workout into 2 sets.
The couch potato workout to get fit at home:
Sit Ups (25): Lay on your back with your feet up over the back of the couch. Put your hands behind your head and do sit ups as usual. This is a pretty simple exercise to get fit at home.
Tucked Leg Lift Shifts (25 each leg): Stand facing the front of the couch. Lift bent right knee up as high as you can keeping it on the right side, then pull forward so foot is over couch seat, without touching the couch. Return to side and lower down to standing. Repeat on left side.
Arm Circles (50 each direction): Sit on the couch with feet straight out in a pike and good posture. Put arms out to the side and perform circles forward, then backward. Experiment with smaller circles and bigger circles for working different muscles. This will help you get fit at home because it’s a simple thing to do, but it will really start to burn!
Seated Leg Lifts (25): Sit on the edge of the couch with good posture and hands on the couch for balance. Lift legs up as high as you can, then slowly lower down to feet on the ground. To intensify, stop your feet one inch before they hit the floor and immediately lift legs again.
Step Ups (15 each leg): Make sure your couch is extra sturdy for this one! You may need to take the seat cushions off. Stand at the front of the couch facing side ways. Place one foot on the couch with one foot on the floor. Step up so that you are standing on the couch with one foot, then lower slowly down to starting position. This will work your legs and glutes to get fit at home in no time.
Over Push Ups (25): Get into a pushup position with hands on the ground and knees on the couch, then perform standard pushups. Intensify by moving legs farther off the couch so there is more weight on your arms during the push up.  
Butt Raises (25 each leg): Lay on your back facing sideways on the couch with one leg bent and one leg straightened out over the arm of the couch. Lift butt until hips are flat, then lower down slowly. To intensify, hold the straight leg 1-2 inches above the arm chair.
Push and Points (25 each foot): Face the front of the couch and place right foot on the couch. Simultaneously switch feet so left foot is on the couch and right foot is on the floor, push and point your feet as hard as you can with each movement. Do this move as fast as possible for a way to get some cardio in while you get fit at home.
I’m making this too easy for you. :) It’s so easy to get fit at home, all you need is some effort! Next time you are feeling like a couch potato and haven’t had time to get your workout in, pull up this workout and get it done!   

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