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5 Strategies for Exercising at Home

5 Strategies for Exercising at Home
Exercising at home is a great way to maintain fitness and work toward a healthy lifestyle, but there are a lot of distractions in a home environment that often take priority over exercise. To overcome these distractions, implement these five strategies for exercising at home!

Set Up Space
The first key to exercising at home is having a specific area dedicated to exercise. This workout area should be easily accessible and contain all the necessities for your workout. You may need a yoga mat, free weights, a TV to watch workout videos, and speakers for music. With a set space for exercise, you will not need to gather equipment before your workout, so there will be less opportunity for distraction.

Set a Routine
Decide when you want to work out, and stick to that plan. If you want to work out in the morning, schedule it into your day. If you want to work out while your kids are at school, schedule a time to do it then. Once you make a schedule, follow through with it regularly to make it a routine. Exercising at home is only successful if you stick to your schedule! Don’t let other things get in the way of your workout.

Put on Workout Clothes
It’s easy to walk to your exercise room in comfortable lounging clothes, but it will not lead to an effective workout. Treat exercising at home like you would treat exercising at a gym.  Put your hair up, put on your athletic socks, your training shoes, and your workout apparel. You will be in the right mindset and ready to sweat it out.

Leave Visual Cues
If you don’t have room to leave all your workout equipment in a separate space, try to leave at least one athletic accessory out. If you have your workout equipment hidden away, you will be significantly less likely to use it! Try leaving your yoga mat or your free weights in a place where you can see them. This visual cue will be a helpful reminder.

Log Your Workouts
Exercising at home is different than going to a gym. It is harder to differentiate your activities. A good way to keep track of your exercises is to create a workout log. Keep track of what exercises you did and how they made you feel. It is also important to note how the exercise worked in your home. Did you have enough space? Did you have the right equipment? A thorough workout log will help you achieve long-term success.

Exercising at home is a great way to work toward your healthy lifestyle because it can be convenient and effective! Implement some of these strategies and you’ll achieve fitness success in no time. If you want extra support and motivation, contact me! I’d love to help inspire your fitness journey.

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