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How to choose the perfect bikini for your body type

It is finally spring here in Pittsburgh. It has been freezing cold here lately but, so happy that the sun is shining today. We are leaving for Cancun on a paid vacation with Beachbody in 2 weeks and I have been busy working on my bikini body. As a mother of three I honestly never thought I would be confident to wear a bikini again but,  nourishing my body with healthy foods and dedicating time to my fitness has paid off.

I have been following the 21 day fix extreme diet with Beachbody and I think that my results speak for themselves. I love what the carb cycling has done for my body. I have been very diligent about my meal planning and meal prep on this program and sticking to the 30 minute workouts. I had gained around 10 pounds over the winter months so had some fat to shed. This program is perfect for anyone that wants to take their results to the next level or if you have an event to attend and want to look your best.

This weekend I did some shopping for some new bikinis to add to my arsenal and am so excited to wear them on my upcoming spring and summer vacations and at the pool with my kids. Here are some of the suits that I purchased.

This suit is from Beachbunny swimwear it is one of my favorite sites for bikinis. Love the dark blue and the metalic claps on it. Very classic looking.

This suit is also from Beachbunny swimwear. Color blocking is on the rage this year and you are going to see it in a ton from a ton of swimsuit designers. I love the zipper details on this suit. Defiantly not a suit I will be wearing while playing with my three children but, cute none the less. 

Love the color of this bikini that I picked up from Victoria secrets. It is so girly and fun!!The pale pink looks great against a sun kissed tan and the black ruffles add a little a top for those of us that have could use a little help in this area. I like to refer to it as Fit Girl Problems.

Another Victoria Secret find. I have always wanted to own a white swim suit but, am afraid that it will be see through. I think the pineapple design is just so adorable. Not to mention the tassles on the side and the straps going down the back. My son Greyson, who is five, picked it out because he says it is a "spongebob" suit. HA! love it!

Oftentimes girls feel reluctant and insecure hitting the beach during the summer, especially in something that “covers up” so little! It honestly helps so much when you feel comfortable. A well-fitting suit can boost your confidence and make hitting the beach that much easier! Here are some tips for finding a suit that works for YOU!

Before going to try on swim suits, make sure you’re prepared. Although it might sound silly, do your hair and put on makeup (if you wear makeup). When you feel confident about the way you look, it makes trying on suits much easier! As girls we can be very hard on ourselves. Feeling good in our own skin helps.

For hygiene purposes, it’s important to bring panties that you can wear while trying on suits. Whether the store requires it or not, why put yourself at risk unnecessarily?

Choose a store that carries styles you like and are in your price range. Just because a suit is inexpensive, doesn’t mean it won’t look good on you and vice versa! Not all expensive suits will fit well either. 

Select colors, fabrics and styles that highlight your favorite features and downplay the features you’d like to minimize:

Tip one:
If you are trying to highlight a particular feature (your bust for example), choose a bright color or pattern on top! To downplay parts you are less fond of, a solid color is usually the best choice.

Tip two:
Black or darker tones like deep purple, emerald green, navy and maroon are good colors if you have naturally pale skin.

Tip three:
Bright or lighter colors like baby pink, turquoise, white, and lavender are great colors if you have darker skin.

Tip Four:
To give the illusion of tanner skin, neon suits like hot pink, lime green and bright purple are great choices!

Tip Five:
 If you want to add volume to your bust or hips, selecting a top or bottoms with ruffles will add “size”.

Tip Six:
 If you want to hide volume around the waist, ruched fabric is a great choice in most cases.

The style of suit you choose will depend on your particular body type:

 Halter, tie-front and triangle tops tend to draw attention to the bust. If you have smaller breasts the tie-front can be a great choice because it can create cleavage.

 Bandeau tops are great for girls with a pear shape because they give the illusion of an hourglass by making your chest appear wider. This style is not very supportive so if you are on the bustier side, this might not be the best choice.

 If you have a large bust, try a bikini top with an underwire or a thick chest band, which will lend extra support and prevent jiggle.

 As far as bottoms go, boyshorts are a great choice for bustier girls, as they make hips look wider (giving the illusion of an hourglass). This might not be the best choice though if you have naturally wider hips.

 Higher cut bikini bottoms will give the illusion of longer legs, so if you have naturally short lets, this might be a good choice!

 If you want to minimize your waist, a 1940s-style suit with a high-waist is a good choice. One pieces can also be a great way to minimize your waist depending on the cut and color. There are some great one-pieces that color block (darker on the sides, lighter in the middle) which give the illusion of a smaller waist!

 Lastly, if you would like to highlight your waist and minimize your hips and bust, a tankini would be a great style to try!

I am getting a lot of messages and emails from people on how they can get bikini ready too so have opened a bikini bootcamp that will start on April 6th. I will have a closed online support group where each day you will get a post from me, a video, or a tip to keep you motivated accountable and moving in the right direction. You will be required to participate in the group discussions, get the challenge pack that includes both the shakeology and the workout program to maximize your results. I find that when I incorporate shakeology that people get better results bc it's one meal that they don't have to plan, portion out or wonder if they have the right combination of foods.  I will help you plan out your meals, give you ideas, and help you stick to it. I will discuss topics like emotional eating, eating out, traveling, temptations, late night snacking and more. I will give you lots of my tips and tricks to keep you moving in the right direction.

If this is something that you would like to participate in then please fill out this application and I will get back to you shortly. I love helping other women feel confident and am excited to work with you.

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