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5 day extreme Beachbody Fitness and Business Bootcamp

Beachbody coaching, top coach, Top coach training, business opportunity, mentorship, girlboss, success, health coach, A fit nurse, Alyssa Schomaker

I am beyond excited about the possibilities that 2015 will bring !!
I am so thrilled to announce that I will be launching an all new Internship training starting March 30th.
This small hand chosen group will be the first to take part in the one on one coaching process I've developed for 2015.
The step by step process will give you the tools and the proper foundation to take you from an intern to a Diamond level coach making a 6 figure income in just 90 days.
For the first 3-6 months - you will learn from me and what I do with my business. I will walk you through everything step by step. After a few months of following what I've shown you, your pay could be anywhere between 100$-300$ weekly From there, your pay can increase to 500$ - 1000$ per week on average (over $50,000 annually) for the following 6-8 months.
You can expect that number will double or even triple every year if you are consistent with your commitment towards the business. After just 2 years, you could potentially be earning a 6 figure income and with no limit on your pay for the years following.

This post is for people like me.
For the person that sees my daily posts and wonders what the heck do I do all day. How can I possibly retire from nursing, live a life by design, have vacations {5 to be exact} paid in full by Beachbody, and be home with my 3 babies...all while playing on social media.
Sounds Dreamy right?
People that want more out of life, that want to be healthy, and have the desire to help people.
From home.
With no Bossman.
Like organic living, social media, fitness, a mother, red wine, Fashion, make up, a believer, travel and scandal?? {bonus}
Individuals like myself that want more out of life and feel like they were made for more.
I never would be headed to Cancun in 24 days, speaking on the national coach call Monday or appearing in this quarters Super Saturday video, have some of the most meaningful friendships with a team of people that I truly love if I didn't decide to check this coaching thing out and to just go for it!!
Beachbody coaching, top coach, Top coach training, business opportunity, mentorship, girlboss, success, health coach, A fit nurse, Alyssa Schomaker
When you join this team you are part of a sisterhood. I hate to admit that I am crazy selective on who I work with and mentor but, I am in LOVE with the culture that we created and it is important to me that you mesh with my vibe. We are all about love, lifting each other up, and motivating each other into greatness. AND we love doing it!
Make this a full time career or do your thing part time but, I am looking for those dreamers that are willing to move out of their own way to see how freaking fabulous this opportunity is!
First please note that, You must have a passion for helping people. Interns should be willing to get into the best shape of their lives. All fitness levels are totally welcome and you definitely don't have to be at your goal weight to start. You're journey will actually inspire more people than you even realize.
The internship doesn't just include business training , I will also be coaching you on elite fitness and nutrition, social media training, and all of the tools I have learned placing my team in the TOP 10 of all 240,000 coaches in Beachbody in 2014 and we are in the top 10 again in 2015!!!

Beachbody coaching, top coach, Top coach training, business opportunity, mentorship, girlboss, success, health coach, A fit nurse, Alyssa Schomaker

If you truly love inspiring others and have been searching for that freedom and ultimate fulfillment in life...this might be the perfect opportunity for you!
I will be accepting applications for just one week and will be having a 5 day fitness and business opportunity bootcamp leading up to the internship starting the 30th of March.

Please apply here and I will get you added into our group!

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