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Running Outside in Cold Weather

Running Outside in Cold Weather

Running outside is an easy, convenient way to get a cardiovascular workout without going to the gym. Now that it is the fall season, and cooler weather is upon us, it is important to remember how to modify your running activities for cold, winter temperatures. Here are four helpful tips and important necessities for running outside in cold weather.

Layer, but not too much.
The right amount of clothing, in layers, is important! Each person is different, but generally, a light long sleeve athletic shirt, athletic leggings, and a headband to keep your ears warm. After a few experiences running outside, you’ll be able to figure out what works for you specifically. You may realize that you need wind pants or a sweatshirt.

Once it is below freezing, be sure to have long thermals, shorts over your thermals, and a warm wind jacket to keep your body warm.

Use cold weather accessories.
Accessorizing for running outside is completely up to you, but it can make or break your workout. Consider purchasing light gloves to keep your fingers warm. You may find that your toes get cold, especially if you have breathable shoes. Look for heavier athletic socks specific to running outside in cold weather. You may want to look into specific shoes for cold weather. There are a lot of options! Being comfortable on your run will help you have a successful workout.

Consider a running mask.
Inhaling dry, winter air can be hard on your lungs and airways. Some runners can experience pain or stinging in the lungs and respiratory system when running outside in the cold. This is generally due to the dryness of the air. It can help to breathe through your nose, rather than your mouth. You can also purchase a running mask to help moisten and heat the air before you inhale. Running masks can improve the experience of running outside in the cold!

Be aware of your body.
When you are running outside in cold weather it is extremely important to be aware of your body and how it is feeling. If you are drastically cold, return home or call someone to pick you up. Don’t push yourself through something that is not safe. Don’t be upset if you are not reaching the same performance goals. Cold weather, especially weather below freezing, affects running times. This happens because of reduced muscle contractions. Cold muscles do not perform at the same level as a warm muscle. Cold weather can reduce the warmth of your muscles, hindering your speed. Keep an aware mind and don’t let these changes bring you down.

Hopefully these tips for running outside, will keep you fit and energized throughout the colder months! For more tips, motivation, and encouragement on your fitness journey, contact me! I’d love to help you get on track with a healthy lifestyle.

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