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Kettlebell Exercise - A Full Body Workout

Kettlebell in a gym ready for kettlebell exercises to begin.
Kettlebell exercise is so great for working the whole body with just one piece of equipment. These kind of workouts improve strength and balance; it’s the perfect combo! If your gym has kettlebells, you can do this workout there. Or, you can purchase a set of your own for a simple workout at home. If you’re a beginner, start off with lighter weights and work your way up as you become stronger with each kettlebell exercise.

Here are a few of my favorite moves for kettlebell exercise:

  • The Kettlebell Row
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold one kettlebell in each hand with your arms down by your sides. Keeping your palms facing down, raise the kettlebells up to just above the chest, and then lower back down slowly. Do 12-15 reps of this kettlebell exercise.
  • The Kettlebell Squat
Stand up straight up with your feet shoulder-width apart for this kettlebell exercise. Grab a single kettlebell with both hands. Lift the kettlebell to your chest level and hold it there as you perform a standard squat. Keep your back straight as you perform the squat. Try to do 15-20, but be sure to stop if your form starts to change.
  • The Kettlebell Twist
Lay down on your back like you’re going to do situps, with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Hold the kettlebell with your hands near your chest and sit up halfway with a straight back. Swing the kettlebell to the right as you turn your torso to the right, then swing and turn to the left. Be sure to twist from side to side, you should not move up and down during this kettlebell exercise. Repeat 20 times or as many times as you can without dropping.
  • The Kettlebell Push-up
Put two kettlebells of the same weight on the ground with the handles up. Space them so they are shoulder-width apart. Perform standard push-ups with your hands firmly grasped around the kettlebell handles. To get really aggressive with this kettlebell exercise, pull one of the kettlebells up to your armpit after completing the push-up. If you do this, be sure to alternate arms. Try to work up to 15-20.

Whew! Kettlebell exercise is great for building muscle, I hope you enjoyed the workout. Do you have any favorite moves you like to do during kettlebell exercise? I’d love to hear them!

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