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10 Reasons to Hug a Nurse Today

Woman hugging a nurse.
Okay, it’s time for some nurse love! Being a nurse is difficult, but worth the reward, can I get an amen?! So, for those of you who don’t know the life of a nurse, I thought I’d make a list of things that make nurses unique, and why you should hug one whenever you can!
10 reasons to hug a nurse:
  1. Nurses make a difference every day. There isn’t a day that passes where a nurse isn’t caring for someone and making a difference in their life. They are caring for people who have had a disruption in life and have a big influence on each patient they see.
  2. Nurses do the dirty work. Who gives the shots? Who takes care of the bed pan? The nurses do. It’s not always the most glamorous job, but a nurse will do whatever needs to get done.
  3. Nurses work long hours. The hospitals never close, so a nurse is going to work long hours, or weird hours. Holidays? Forget about it! A routine sleep schedule is pretty much nonexistent in a nurse's life.
  4. Nurses are always ready for anything. They have to be! A nurse has to be ready to deal with any medical situation that arises. You just never know what kinds of things will happen near a hospital bed.
  5. Nurses are always on call. No matter where you are, a nurse is always the person who will respond when someone near gets hurt. A nurse is compassionate and caring and will be the first to grab the bandages or aid a whimpering child.
  6. Nurses are guardian angels. They look after our loved ones when they are ill, they deserve to be treated right! A nurse is by the side of the hospital bed as soon as something goes wrong and during routine daily care, truly a guardian angel!
  7. Nurses live in high stress. It’s pretty much an emergency wherever a nurse is at the hospital so dealing with high stress is the norm.
  8. Nurses do things others would never think of, or dare to try. Gag reflexes are non existent for a nurse, trust me, you don’t even want to know.
  9. Nurses are masters of patience. Between the frantic family members, delusional patients and everyone rushing around to take care of something, a nurse has to have an amazing amount of patience to continue with the work every day.
  10. Nurses had to work hard to get where they are, and have to work just as hard every day. As if learning about a billion medical terms and conditions wasn’t hard enough, they have to continue to remember and use everything on top of learning more and more each day.

Kudos to you, nurses!

So, you see, nurses are awesome and have a truly unique lifestyle, be sure to hug a nurse today! I’d love to hear what you have to add to the list, too. :)

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