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Quick Workouts: The Full Ab Workout

Woman in workout gear doing a full ab workout routine.
Nothing feels better than a full ab workout! I love the feeling when I’m done and the results are awesome. The great thing about working the core is that you can really work the muscles without spending too much time, so it’s easier to put aside just 15 minutes a day for great abs.

It’s best to have your workout all planned out so you can get through it and not spend extra time thinking of what to do next. I like to keep a couple options for a full ab workout around so I don’t get bored doing the same thing everyday. You can even take switch up the workouts by doing half of one full ab workout and half of a different full ab workout.

Here is a full ab workout that I like and you can use as you commit a little time to fitness for a big payoff!

  • Toe Reaches (30): Lay flat on the ground on your back, make sure you are pushing your lower back to the ground. With hands on the floor by your sides, sit up and reach to toes, then lay slowly back down.

  • Leg Lifts (30): Lay flat on the ground on your back, still pushing lower back to the ground. Keep legs straight and lift them fast, lower back down slowly. Keep hands on the ground by your side and add ankle weights for more intensity!

  • Scissor Holds (20): Lay flat on the ground your back, still pushing lower back to the ground. Lift one leg two inches off the ground and the other all the way. Hold 5 seconds and then switch. You can add ankle weights to this exercise for a more intense full ab workout.

  • Chair Holds (6): Sit on a chair like normal, then put hands on the chair and push your body up so that your hands are the only thing touching the chair - hold for 10 seconds.

  • Opposite arm and leg raise (30): Hold a push up position, then raise one arm and the opposite leg - hold for 5 seconds then switch. You can add both ankle and wrist weights to add intensity to this move.

  • Side crunches (30 each side): Lay on your back with knees up like you would normally do for crunches. Drop knees to the right and do crunches, then drop knees to the left and do crunches. Lift feet off the ground to add some extra concentration for the full ab workout.

  • Elbow plank (6): Hold a plank on your elbows for 30 seconds. Alternate lifting a leg off the ground and holding for 5 seconds to add intensity.

  • Seated Twists (60): Balance on your booty with knees bent in front of you and chest up. Keep hands together and touch the floor on the right side, then left side and repeat. Lift toes and straighten legs for a challenge. Use wrist weights or hold a weight in your hands for an even bigger challenge!

  • Knee to elbows (45 each): While holding a push up position, touch right elbow to left knee then return to push up position. Repeat with left elbow to right knee. Add ankle and wrist weights to add some ferocity to this move!

Fit abs are just 15 minutes a day away! Use this full ab workout as a starting point, then add other workouts or moves as your core continues to strengthen. Once you get stronger, choose the workouts that require maximum effort with minimum time for fitness that doesn’t cut into your day.

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