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Surround yourself with the Dreamers, Doers, and Believers

Someone said to me on instagram: "@afitnurse did you struggle when you started Beachbody? Even though you worked hard I feel like it pieced together for you easier then most."

My response: "Struggle is defined different by people. I had challenges but I'm a doer & focus on the big picture and training myself to get better"

To some, people who are achieving GREAT success in this company, people can chalk up to: Oh, they just have connections. Oh, they are friends with high influential people. Oh, they are a fitness pro. Oh, they are just super fit and ripped. Oh, they have had intense training and spent thousands of dollars to know what to do...and on and on...

Sorry, nope. The difference is that we don't stop. We find a way. We use our time wisely and touch as many people as we can with intent to just help. We work off a to-do list, schedule our time efficiently, focus on learning learning learning from free content online, we just don't stop.

We work to make things easier for others to achieve success. We reach out to people in need to help them find a solution. We never sell, but we always recommend or share what works. We do this more and more than others. We continue to seek out new relationships, contacts, partnerships, and find people that this is right up their alley. We don't stop.

We never let LIFE interfere with doing our everyday habits that move us in this business. We have created habits where we don't even think that "we are working", but we are working. We get sick, our kids get sick, someone dies, we get so busy, we have babies, we travel, we go on vacation, we have hardships, we move, we have people tell us no, we have people laugh in our faces saying you are mixed up in a pyramid scheme, we have to holiday shop, birthday shop, run conferences, events, we lose opportunities, but life is going always going to happen.

We don't stop.

We provide information that can help just one person. We look to build a culture where others see HEALTH and FITNESS is the FOUNTAIN of YOUTH! We work to bring more and more people into this community so we can surround ourselves with more like people. We work to line up more accountability around us so we can stay on the right path, achieve our goals, set new goals, crush those goals, set new goals...we don't stop.

We are constantly in forward motion.

There is no standing still.

There isn't a day I'm not obsessed thinking about what I do. There isn't a day I don't "do" what I do. This isn't a job, this is my life. This is what makes me happy. This is what makes others happy. Helping others achieve what they thought was impossible, makes my heart full. That's what life is about. Making an impact on others. Inspiring just one person where they look at you and say, "I couldn't have done it without you." When you impact just one person's life, you want more.

This is why I joined Beachbody.

To use their resources for free.

To have a support system that has my back and I can build my empire risk and money free, all while growing insanely in many ways.

THIS is living.

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Beachbody is going International

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