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Autumn Calabrese Country Heat Launch

COUNTRY HEAT IS going to Revolutionize Fitness.


Finally, a high-energy, easy-to-follow, low-impact, country dance-inspired fitness program that so totally fires up the fun—you won’t even feel like you’re working out! 30 minutes of nonstop dancing to reshape your body, melt off the weight, and tone and tighten everything from your booty to your legs, shoulders, and arms…all in just 30 days!
Autumn and I in Pittsburgh

There are no complicated moves, no weights or equipment—just follow along and you’ll be dancing yourself lean. From one non dancing mom to another, I was even able to keep up!!! And since every move is set to great country music, you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even notice that you’re toning your body and dripping in sweat! The country songs are upbeat and fun; here is the list:

Music Playlist

36ea51bb70adb1080abff31e38e2b3beAutumn Calabrese is a celebrity fitness trainer, professionally trained dancer, and working mom.  This new dance workout is guaranteed to turn up the fun—and melt away the fat!
448b958d5190ae7dbc29c11c09706655Take your passion for country music and bring it to the dance floor, while you follow a low-impact dance workout that’s so easy to follow, anyone can do it. Country Heat is the perfect workout for anyone who is ready to tone up and make working out fun again.  It’s easy to learn and follow — anyone can jump right in without missing a beat. Each routine is infused with energy and fun.
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The Country Heat program includes five dance workouts, one full-body dance- conditioning workout, a quick-start guide, a 30-day calendar, a nutrition guide with 7-piece portion-control containers  cup, plus a bonus line dance workout. 
country heat, Autumn Calabrese, Country heat launch, Dance Fitness programs, Alyssa Schomaker, Top Beachbody coach, A fit nurse
Simple Nutrition plan
No equipment is required. The whole program, from the workouts to the music to the nutrition, is designed to be so simple that anyone can do it, and so much fun that everyone will want to.
The transformations I have seen with this program have been incredible.  check out a couple friends who were in the challenge group and be INSPIRED:
“Now how the heck did I let myself go???????
Was I working out??? YES!
Was I following the meal plan exactly, NO!
Was I having too much wine with Josh gone for 2 weeks, YES!!!13432451_10210045333631701_3833282665039894348_n
Meal planning, portion control, ACCOUNTABILITY, and great works is what ya need!!!!! I sometimes loose my grip, and i think wine and mmmmm ice cream are the main issue in my day 1 pic
Drop the mic…. I just proved it!”
And another one, equally impressive by my girl Lori:

13434875_10210029598638336_4625004697220905237_nI was hesitant about sharing this pic, as quite honestly I’m so embarrassed that I let it get back to this point from where I was, but after the suggestions from our Test group to do so… got the courage to do tonight.
Over the last 2 years I had gained back all the weight I had lost, and had been hiding it pretty well. I was honored to have been selected as part of the test group that began the week after the cruise. I had to try out for it, and keep it all a secret up until the new coach test group was created. We will finish the 3rd round of the program this week.
I went into this not excited about the program, but was desperate to make myself do something to commit and change, but what I’ve found is something even bigger. I not only LOVE this workout program, and from someone that doesn’t like country music or dancing was huge…but its changed me as a person, my mindset, my confidence, and my shyness as well as odd as it may sound.
In the last 3 months, and being one of the ‘smaller’ test group members of my group (their results have been WAY more) Ive lost 28lbs, and gone down from a 12 to a 4/6.
Just saying – even if you never thought youd try this program out, just do it.. just do it for the 30 days, and if not for you, but for the person thats just like me that you can share it with and change their life – its fun, its low impact with tons of movement to burn calories, it makes you sweat, and its works!!. 
Alexis was part of the test group as well and this is what she has to say:

Hey guys!!! Another skeptic turned Country Heat fan;) Down 9 pounds and 18 INCHES!!!!!

I grew up as a dancer & used to compete as a hip hop dancer. I'm a hip hop/rap girl at heart. When I was asked to do the test group, I was mostly concerned about the "country" aspect. Line dancing? Me? Lol. Turns out, this is much more of an dance fitness program TO country music. I have now fallen in love with the country music (Autumn picked great, up to date popular songs) & the program is VERY effective from a fitness standpoint! Honestly, it left me dripping in sweat and SORE. Plus, she added in an additional "dance conditioning" workout that includes squats, lunges, dips, push-ups and A TON of core!! After gaining over 10 pounds in this last year & "losing my way" on my fitness journey - Country Heat came to the rescue!!!!

-9 pounds
-18 inches

If you want to know the second it comes out, and join my TEST group where myself and others will be doing Country Heat for the first time, then Apply HERE  I will personally help support and motivate you so that you get the BEST results from this program!  I will supply you the tools and information to make this your most productive AND FUN 30 days of  your summer!
And if you are too excited to wait and are ready to try it immediately, sign up for the 30 days FREE Beachbody On Demand HERE, where you can have access to hundreds of workouts recipe guides, and so much more as well as this LIVE EVENT PAGE where we will be counting down the days til the launch!

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