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What I learned from yoga class

I cant believe how fast the end of the year is approaching. The kids are finally back in school and we are full swing into the activities and the school year rhythm. Over the last month I have been in a life transition of growth so to speak. I realized that I was living life very quickly and needed to take a breather and live with day with intention-- enjoying everyday to the fullest instead of what lies ahead or the exciting things that are happening in my future.

What I learned from yoga class

I will be the last to think that I find a solution in a yoga class. I am not the yoga person so to speak-- or so i thought. I honestly had this idea of stretching and low intensity workouts and my inner ADD was screaming heck no. But, What I have found is that it is much more then that. A lot more then that actually. The practice has taught me how to focus on the positive thoughts throughout my day rather then the negative and to dismiss the thoughts that do not serve me.

What I learned from yoga class - Truly we can

As a business mentor and health coach this is so important and something that I believe any dream chaser has to spend time working on this practice. We have to love ourselves and believe in ourselves and we can not move fully into our greatest potential until we have a clear vision and unlimiting belief that we can accomplish anything that we set our minds too.

Because truly we can.

This is coming from someone who was struggled with eating disorders, was the queen of comparison and self doubt and tried to live this life according to everyone elses standards.

I felt suffocated. I felt like I was not enough and who I was to start a business helping others when I could not even help myself.

But, the truth is that my past and my experience is exactly why people will listen to me and why I can help them---- because I have been there before and I know that it is not a place where you have to be stuck forever.

Our past is just our past. It is to learn and grow from. It does not determine your future.

What lies between your ears does.

So if you ask what determines your success I will tell you that the answer lies in the thoughts and the beliefs that you tell yourself. You have to start by changing the way you think about yourself and the opportunities that present themselves daily in your life.

Just because you have tried and failed something in the past does not mean that you are a failure.

It means that you get up and look for the silver lining and try try again.

There will never be a greater motivator then internal motivation that sets a soul on fire.

Alyssa Shoemaker - Love Project

I have learned so much from this experience over the last month that I am going to be sharing with you a series I am calling the ONE LOVE PROJECT.

I am a firm believer in personal development and working on yourself first and foremost so that you can bring the best you to this world and have the ability to serve others in a more rich experience.

Life is about creating, growing and learning to love ourselves so that we can fully come alive and live with no regrets or limitations.

 When we believe in ourselves is when we can speak our truth and live unapplogetically. This is my greatest wish for you.


One love project--- episode 1 Internal Motivation

If my message serves you today I ask that you pass it forward to others that may need to hear the lesson. Help them realize the importance of finding that interval motivation and drive.
I’d love to help you grow in leadership, and grow your team this year!
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Together we can. Together we will. ONE LOVE.

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