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4 Characteristics of a Great Gym Partner

4 Characteristics of a Great Gym Partner

A gym partner can make or break your workout. A good gym partner will hold you accountable to your routine and keep you motivated toward fitness success! A bad gym partner, however, can hinder your success at the gym. Before you commit to a workout partner, make sure the individual has the following four characteristics:

1) Reliable

   When you choose to workout with another person, you should expect that person to respect your time and be a reliable gym partner. If your gym partner is running late to every workout session or just doesn’t show up, it can throw off your whole workout routine. A gym partner should be able to be at the gym on time and ready to go! You should be, too. Respect your gym partner’s time so they respect yours. A routine schedule that you both can stick to is a great place to start.

2) Motivated

   Your gym partner should be motivated to achieve fitness success. Your workout partner should want to be at the gym, want to get stronger, and want to compete against him/herself. This kind of motivation is contagious! It will help keep you motivated and working toward your goals. If you are both motivated as individuals, together you will be inspired toward workout success every time you both hit the gym.

   A gym partner should also be motivating. Some days, you just might not want to be there. You might be sore or feeling lazy. A great gym partner will help push you through your off day and get you feeling energized by the end of the routine! You will also be your partner’s motivator of he/she is having an off day. Make sure you both understand the best way to motivate each other! Do you prefer inspirational comments or do you prefer a critique on your form? Let your gym partner know!

3) Similar Goals

   A gym partner should also have a similar set of goals. If you want to do cardio and aerobics, but your gym partner wants to build up muscle, you will have issues creating workout plans that fit both of your goals. Find a partner who is interested in the same long-term goals as you. Similar fitness level can also be beneficial, but isn’t necessary as each aspect of exercise can be modified to each fitness level.

4) Responsible

   Find a gym partner who wants to participate in the preparation of the workout. If you are the one doing all the planning and organizing of a routine, it can become an exhausting job. Pick a gym partner who wants to help create the workout routine, research new exercises, and contribute information for a successful workout regimen.

Getting back into the gym is great and having a gym partner can greatly improve the experience. For a little extra motivation or for workout ideas contact me! :) I’d love to help you reach your fitness goals.

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