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The Amazing Health Benefits of a Sauna

The interior of a sauna to demonstrate the health benefits of a sauna.
Gyms that have ample amenities are great for enjoying the health benefits of a sauna. You can also purchase your own if you know you’ll be using it a lot, but they can be spendy. Besides the amazing health benefits of taking regular sauna breaks, it also feels so nice!

The health benefits of a sauna

Detoxify. When you sit in a sauna, your body starts to sweat out toxins, getting rid of the toxic elements that we use and breathe on a daily basis. I love knowing the health benefits of a sauna; it helps me relax and enjoy the time to myself.

Heart health. More awesome health benefits of a sauna include the impact on blood flow. The heat from the sauna dilates blood vessels, which increases blood circulation. This helps to speed up the body’s natural healing process, encourage healthy cell growth and improve stimulation.

Skin health. Being in a sauna really opens up the pores so your body can release toxins that might otherwise get caught under your skin, causing blemishes. The detoxifying health benefits of a sauna cause the bacteria to sweat off your skin, leaving it smoother and clearer. What’s not to love about that?

Stress Relief. Aside from the fact that you are in a quiet place without the distractions of life, the heat from the sauna relaxes your muscles and releases endorphins, so it should improve your mood. Stretching after or during a sauna visit is usually helpful to feel extra relaxed and receive more of the health benefits of a sauna.

Fight Illness. The heat of the sauna encourages white blood cells to produce at a quicker pace, which is helpful for fighting illnesses and killing viruses. Breathing in the steam of the sauna can also help clear up congestion and sinus pressure to relieve common symptoms of illness.

How to use a sauna:

  • Lightly invigorate your skin by rubbing a dry washcloth over it.
  • Sit in the sauna as long as you are comfortable (usually 10 minutes or so). If you start feeling dizzy or uncomfortable, it’s time to get out.
  • It’s best to immerse yourself immediately in cold water after the sauna to close your pores and reinforce your skin's protective state. Not my favorite part but it feels really great afterwards.
  • Enjoy the relaxed feeling!

Healthy body, healthy skin and stress relief are a few of the great health benefits of a sauna. Start using a sauna regularly to see if you notice the difference!

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