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Simple Remedies For Dry Skin Prevention

Lotion being applied is one of many remedies for dry skin.
Dry skin is the worst! Remedies for dry skin can be really beneficial when it comes to the health of your skin. I’ve got a few tips to share with you for healthy, soft, glowing skin all year round!

Simple Remedies For Dry Skin Prevention
  • Use a humidifier. When the air is dry, turning on a humidifier is one of the simplest of the remedies for dry skin. It adds moisture to the air that prevents your skin from drying out and becoming irritated. Plus, there are additional health benefits such as relief from sinus issues.
  • Use an oil-based moisturizer. This is one of the greatest remedies for dry skin because oil helps seal the water in your skin to prevent dry, itchy and flaky skin. Look at the ingredients list of your moisturizer and make sure oil is at the beginning of the list. Some people will even use straight coconut oil on their skin for an effective skin conditioner!
  • Protect your skin. Remedies for dry skin can be as simple as a protective layer against the elements. Specifically, use sunscreen to protect your skin from burning, and wear layers to protect from harsh winds and/or cold temperatures.
  • Avoid products with alcohol. Alcohol is very drying because it strips the skin of it’s natural oils, so avoid products that have alcohol in them. This includes body washes, soaps, shampoos and make-up!

  • Stay hydrated. Drink that water! Some of these remedies for dry skin happen to be awesome for overall health as well. Drinking beverages that dehydrate like caffeine and alcohol can also affect your skin, so be sure to grab the water and sip regularly throughout the day.
  • Shorter showers. I know, this one is a major bummer. But, prolonged exposure to water, especially when it’s hot, can rinse away the natural oils that offer your skin protection. So, one of the less enjoyable remedies for dry skin is taking shorter showers and spending less time soaking and swimming. But when you do, lather up with an oil-based moisturizer afterwards!

I’m not a fan of anything that prevents me from looking and feeling my best, so having dry skin is naturally the worst ever! I hope these remedies for dry skin prevention will help you feel confident and strong in your skin. :)

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