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Organizational Tips to Start the New Year Right

Using a planner or notebook are useful organizational tips to start off 2015 with a bang.
Whether you’ve decided to make a resolution or not, these organizational tips will provide a great starting point for starting off 2015 with a great outlook and clean slate. I hope these organizational tips will help you feel motivated to make great goals and take the steps to achieve them!
  1. Cut the clutter. First things first, you need to get rid of anything you don’t use on a regular basis or have a specific plan for. I think this is one of the best organizational tips because the result is peace of mind and it’s glorious.
  2. Organize your spaces. Well, now that you have decluttered, it’s time to move on to the actual organization. Go through and organize each space, be sure to start small. Go from room to room until everything has become organized. Unless you have an entire week dedicated solely to organization, this could take awhile so be sure to set small goals and don’t wear yourself out. I think that organizational tips should include rewards, so give yourself a treat after each area you have finished!
  3. Keep a planner. Belongings aren’t the only things that need to be organized, events and activities should be too! Make sure to write down your plans and to-do’s in a planner. If there is no blank space, it’s probably time to cut back and determine which things are a high priority and which things you will need to say no to.

  4. Put things away immediately. This is one of the organizational tips that is super important for keeping an organized lifestyle. It’s way too easy to get unorganized so try to make sure everything has a place it belongs and it gets put there immediately after being used.
  5. Make lists. Even if you aren’t a list person, try to make a list at least once a week, with goals and specific deadlines. This is important when it comes to organizational tips because it will help you be aware of what’s a priority so you can organize your schedule accordingly.
  6. Delegate responsibilities. Sometimes the key to being organized is simply not getting overwhelmed. If you can delegate tasks to other people, do it! Set up a chore list for your children to help with the cleaning or ask a friend to join you for some wine and cooking weekly meals.
  7. Organize your computer. Organizational tips apply to your digital presence, too! Take care of emails right away, organize them into folders or delete the ones you will never need again. Organize photos and documents so your desktop doesn’t get overloaded with documents you don’t even use anymore. Clutter free is the way to be!   
  8. Make time for yourself. Hopefully, being organized will give you more time for free time. If you still feel like you are running around, please dedicate some time for yourself! Burnout can cause depression or make you too tired to care about organization so this is very important.
  9. Think about your day the night before. Establish daily goals in your mind, or write them down if you are list person. Thinking about and planning your day the night before or morning of will get your mind on track for success from the beginning.
  10. Follow through. Don’t give up! You know you are strong and have the ability to be even stronger, so stick with it and you will see the results of having an organized life to set you up to achieve your dreams.
I hope these organizational tips are just the platform you needed for a great year of personal accomplishment. Carry on, rock stars!

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