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Bullet proof Coffee: Butter In Your Coffee: Has Cream Been Replaced?

A hot cup of butter in your coffee.
By now, you have probably heard (or even tried) the popular dietary phenomenon of putting butter in your coffee. I was intrigued by the idea myself and did a little research on the subject. Here are my findings!

What is it?

Putting butter in your coffee is part of a low carb, high fat dietary routine to help you lose weight, gain energy and enjoy a delicious coffee beverage in the morning. It’s been coined with the term “bulletproof coffee” by Dave Asprey in conjunction with his brand of specially produced coffee and brain cognitive oil that are included in the ingredients.

Many people make a similar drink without using ingredients that are the specific bulletproof brand and report similar results.

How does it work?

It is slightly more complicated than just putting butter in your coffee. To make the coffee drink, combine 1 cup of strong coffee, 1-2 Tablespoons of butter and 1-2 Tablespoons of MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil and blend until creamy and frothy, sort of like a latte!

It appears that using unsalted grass-fed butter in your coffee is essential because it has the correct fats that actually work together to reduce body fat and is a good source of vitamin K to reduce the risk of heart disease.

It is also recommended to use high quality coffee. Some people choose to use coconut oil in place of MCT oil, but there are reports that say it is less effective.

What are the benefits?

Drinking this coffee beverage in the morning is supposed to teach your body to burn fat all day by producing ketones that help your body create energy from fat rather than carbohydrates. It is also said to give you a boost in energy and clarity of mind for up to six hours with minimal crashing symptoms that are typical of caffeine intake. Putting butter in your coffee is also reported to keep your hunger at bay, which is why it can replace a breakfast and has been reported to help people lose weight. The delicious flavor of the creamy coffee beverage is also a benefit!

What are the risks?

One of the risks that have been identified is that the coffee drink replaces a full meal, so you receive less essential nutrients into your daily diet. Putting butter in your coffee also raises the concern about taking in an excessive amount of saturated fat that has the potential to lead to an increase in cholesterol levels.

If you are having any health issues related to saturated fat, I would strongly suggest not trying the method of putting butter in your coffee. If you are healthy and saturated fat is not a concern of yours, I would still encourage you to do plenty of your own research before deciding if you are going to try it.

The important thing is to stay healthy. Our bodies are good at reacting negatively if something isn’t working - so pay attention to how you feel!

Although it sounds a bit off from the usual cream and sugar, putting butter in your coffee is said to have helped with weight loss and improved morning energy without the side effects of caffeine overloads in the morning. Have you tried putting butter in your coffee? What were your results?

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