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Shakeology Shakeoff

So many of you know that I LOVE my SHAKEOLOGY! I have a major addiction to chocolate and need my daily dose! I started looking into the benefits of SHAKEOLOGY last July when trying to lose the last 10-15 pounds after having baby Charlotte. I didn't go all in and buy a bag but, instead actually bought some samples from a seller on Ebay! I replaced a meal a day for 2 weeks and was hooked! My cravings were gone! My energy had skyrocketed and I started losing weight again! Since August, I committed and went all in! I have had at least one shake every day for last 8 months now and have never felt better!

SHAKEOLOGY allowed me to get my nutrition in check, something I have struggled with my whole life. I credit it for helping me maximize my results with  Insanity, Asylum, and my weekly lifting program (BEAST BABY)! I now weigh less, have a lower body fat %, wear smaller jeans, and feel in better shape as a Mom of three then I ever have in my entire life!  I never miss a day of drinking Shakeology… NEVER! That’s how much I believe in this product! Shakeology gives me everything that my body needs in one delicious chocolately drink!

SHAKEOLOGY isn't just a meal replacement. It's my chocolate heaven. Basically it's a health shake jam packed with nutrients which fills any nutritional gaps in my diet.  It's not just a protein powder or your daily serving of fruits and veggies. Shakeology is all of that. It is my healthiest meal of the day and so convenient! Check out what these doctors have to say about Shakeology! It has a low glycemic index and has even help lower insulin resistance and assist with controlling autoimmune conditions.


This month I am going to be running a SHAKEOLOGY shake off!!


Starting May 6th !!
Feel great for Summer! The Jumpstart Program is for you if...
* You are lethargic, depressed, or groggy most of the day,
and feel like you're "missing out" on life.
  * You're ready to break free from your symptoms and embody a healthier,
more radiant Diva!
* You want to lose weight, feel energized every day, and have more mental clarity.
* You feel lost in trying to understand how to reduce cravings, and confused about the right foods to eat for your body.
* You feel like your health has stolen your femininity-and you're ready to embrace your inner Diva!

  It is 14 days of learning how to eat right and replace one meal a day with Shakeology !!

MESSAGE ME today and I will reserve your spot for this PROGRAM! PURCHASE your SHAKEOLOGY HERE! I can't WAIT for you to TRY this AMAZING product!

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