Beachbody is going International

Beachbody is going International
Did you hear??? Beachbody is going International?

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Fitness Mission Question and Answer

The first step toward accomplishing your health goals is to construct a Mission statement- one that outlines who you are and where you want to go. Here are some questions that will help you get started:

  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • By when do I want to accomplish this goal?
  • Why do I want to accomplish this goal? (Try to list at least 10 reasons)
  • What are my physical strengths and abilities? (Flexibility, endurance, coordination, strength, body confidence)
  • What activities do I enjoy? (Team sports. solo sports, endurance events, home programs)
  • What activities have been effective for me in the past? (Pilates, strength training, martial arts, dance)
  • What recurring injuries or pain do I have?
  • How much time during the week can I dedicate to exercise?
  • Who can help me accomplish my goal? (Friends, coworkers, support or challenge group, coach)
  • What official events can mark my progression toward my long term fitness goal?
  • Five years from now, what would I like to have accomplished? How do I want my body to look, feel, perform?
  • What will I need to keep track of in order to see progress? (Protein and Veggie consumption, weight lifted, physical measurements, body fat percentage, miles run or cycled)
  • What are some daily strategies I can incorporate to support my progression and overcome known obstacles?

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Beachbody is going International

Beachbody is going International

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