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Body Beast Program: Achieve that FIT Physique

I just started the Body Beast program on February the 18th and man this program is no joke! I currently weigh 112 pounds and want to build some muscle to achieve a strong fit physique. I believe that lifting heavy weights is one of the only ways to really acheive the results that I am looking for. I have had amazing results ove the past six years by lifting heavy but, tend to lean out too much and in the process lose some of the muscle that I worked so hard for.
My goal is not to be a bodybuilder by any means but to look fit and athletic. Think Jamie Eason ;)  I enjoy lifting and that is when I see the most change in my body! So I ordered the BEAST from Beachbody which seriously came to my house in 5 days. So this week I have began the program and have been working out in my home gym. The program does have an app that I downloaded to my iphone so will be taking it with me to the gym also. It's nice to feel sore again! It means I am working my muscles in a whole different way and I am pretty excited about it! PLUS, it is sooo nice to be following a program from an expert in the bodybuilding field, Sagi Kalev who will teach, motivate, support, and inspire me throughout the program.
Bodybeast is a 12 week program that includes 12 workouts and three optional workouts plus, and in depth nutrition plan that uses Sagi years of research in the field of bodybuilding. By taking the best of old- school bodybuilding and merging it with dynamic set training this program is guaranteed to give you the PUMP you have been searching for! You do Single sets, Super sets, Giant sets, Progressive sets, Drop sets, and Tempo sets to exhaust the muscle and recruit more muscle fibers. Every exercise works your muscles to failure which  means your body is physically incapable of lifting a limb to a fully contracted position.
The Nutrition:  I did not purchase the supplements that are sold with this program but, will be supplementing with an isolated whey protein, Shakeology, Beachbody's energy and endurance formula, Amino acids, and fish oil. I will be increasing my protein and calorie intake so my muscles will GROW but, still have a very clean diet. Think real, unprocessed, healthy food in the appropriate macronutrient ratios and calories for my body. I prepared most of my meals on Sunday so, I have all my meals READY for the week! I am aiming for 2100 calories a day with a macronutrient ratio of 50/25/25. So 50 percent carbs, 25 percent protein, and 25 percent fat. The carbohydrates are high in this first phase as they are your bodies preferred source of fuel. If not supplying your body with enough proper nutrition your body will breakdown its own muscle and use it as blood sugar. I am pretty knowledgeable about my body and how it responds to various macronutrients so I am going to track my meals in my fitness pal this week and see how well I do with my food consumption. I have to eat if I want my muscles to GROW!
What EQUIPMENT will you need for this program:
    Dumbells or BandsEZ curl bands Weight bench or Stability ball Chin up bar Jump mat
There are two program schedules you can follow: Huge Beast and Lean Beast. I will be following the lean beast program. Which has a metabolic component for those that would like to shed some body fat. Both schedules have a cutting phase at the end, so the main difference is how you build.
This is the training schedule I will be following this week
Monday: Build Chest/ Tri
Tuesday: Build Legs
Wednesday: Build Back/Bi
Thursday: Beast Cardio/Abs
Friday: Build Shoulders
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Tempo Chest/Tri

You can follow my entire journey right here on my blog!
At least once a week I will give an update and then post recipes that I am using during this program!
If you are interested in receiving my support during this journey then I encourage you to contact me and we can discuss whether or not this program is for you

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  1. where do I get a BandsEZ curl bands Weight bench and a Stability ball Chin up bar Jump mat



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Beachbody is going International

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