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Toasted coconut and vanilla whey protein bars

Why buy protein bars at the store when you can make your own! I love these protein bars from Anna Sword and so do my kids!

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1/2 cup vanilla whey
1/4 cup of flaked coconut (try toasting your own!)
1/4 cup of coconut flour
1/4 cup of milk
30 grams melted 85% dark chocolate

Nutrition Facts

(Makes 3 medium-sized bars)
Calories 212
Fat 13 g
Carbs 8.8 g
Protein 16.6 g

Steps to Protein-Bar Mastery

Making a protein bar at home could not be any easier. With these simple steps, anyone can master it!

Step 1
Select your protein powder and add a type of flour to it. Makes sure to select a flour that can be eaten raw: coconut flour, almond flour, or a grain-based flour like oat flour or quinoa flour are all good choices.

Step 2
Bind the powder and flour with milk. You can use cow’s milk, coconut milk in a carton, or a tasty nut milk like almond milk. If you want, you can also add nut butter. You want to add enough liquid, (and nut butter if you like), to make the batter come together like dough. The goal is to end up with a batter that you can form into bars with your hands.

Step 3
Shape the above batter into bars.
If, after mixing your ingredients, your batter is too moist or sticky to mold, add a tiny bit of coconut flour or casein powder until you get the desired consistency. You want to be able to shape the bars, so getting the batter dry enough is essential.
If, after mixing your ingredients, the batter is too dry, add a bit of milk until you get the
desired consistency. Don’t make it too liquid-y though, or you’ll have to go back to
adding flour.

Step 4
Melt some chocolate in a bain-marie or in a glass bowl on top of a pot of boiling water.
Once it’s melted, dunk the bars in the chocolate or pour it over the bars.
I like to coat my bars in 90-100% chocolate, but you can go as dark (or light) as you
want. Obviously, the darker the chocolate, the less sugar and more antioxidant goodness
it contains. In my experience, really bitter chocolate goes extremely well with sweet
fillings. But like I say, it’s up to you.

Step 5
Place bars in the freezer for at least 30 minutes and BOOM! They’re ready to pack up
and take with you or you can eat them on the spot!

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