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5 Protein Snacks that Pack a Punch

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Snacks are necessary to keep your metabolism at its peak throughout the day. The type of snacks consumed makes a difference in reaching your health goals. You don’t want to consume snacks that are light and calorie dense. Rather, you want to consume snacks that are full of nutrients and protein. Protein snacks will help you feel satiated, so you will not feel hungry as often. Here are five protein snacks that will help curb your appetite and keep you feeling full longer!


Greek yogurt is one of the best protein snacks! It has an important serving of dairy, is a natural probiotic, and has an average of 17 grams of protein per serving! When selecting your Greek yogurt, check the label to make sure you are purchasing a brand that does not have a lot of additives, like sugars or fake flavorings. It is best to choose a plain, lowfat, Greek yogurt and add toppings. To sweeten it up, add a little raw honey, and garnish the yogurt with berries.


Edamame is a satisfying and delicious mid-day snack to ease your afternoon cravings! You can purchase edamame dry roasted, or you can prepare your own! Edamame is great plain or lightly salted for an on-the-go snack, but you can play it up with many different flavor combinations. Try spicy toasted sesame and garlic, citrus and salt, cilantro and lime, or any variety of seasoning that you would enjoy!


Jerky is one of the easiest on-the-go protein snacks! When purchasing, read the label and make sure it is not Jerky with an overload of sodium and preservatives. These make the protein snack less healthy in the long run. You could make homemade jerky with all of the protein and none of the preservatives! Preparing jerky ensures the quality of the meat you are consuming.

Peanut Butter

All natural peanut butter is a great source of protein and healthy fats. Eat it with celery or carrots for a satisfying crunch, or eat just a couple plain tablespoonfuls if you are craving a snack! It will help you feel full and satisfied until your next meal.


Eggs are a great protein snack. Hard-boiled eggs are so easy to pack as a snack, and will satisfy any amount of hunger. Enjoy a hard-boiled egg with a little salt and pepper to add more flavor for your on-the-go snack.

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