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Popsicle Recipes for Healthy Summer Snacking

Blueberry popsicles made using healthy popsicle recipes
Popsicle recipes that are healthy make it so easy to enjoy an indulgent summer treat. I love how quick it is to make a batch of healthy popsicles. Most of these popsicle recipes require nothing more than mixing and then freezing the ingredients. For perfect-looking popsicles, you can buy a popsicle mold. Otherwise, you can make your own molds by pouring your mixture into small cups and inserting popsicle sticks in them before freezing.

Fruit Juice Popsicles.
Sometimes the best popsicle recipes are the simplest ones! By combining your favorite 100% fruit juice with some fresh fruit, you’ll have delicious and refreshing popsicles. You’ll want to stay away from fruit juices with lots of added sugar. If you have a juicer at home, you can make homemade juice so you’ll know exactly what ingredients are going into your popsicles. Fill your popsicle molds with some juice, and then drop in some diced fruits and freeze them until they are set. You can also try adding a little bit of veggie juice for some extra nutrients. Orange and carrot juice together are a tasty combination!

Coconut Milk.
Add some variety to your popsicle recipes by using coconut milk! Popsicle recipes that use coconut milk don’t seem to drip as much as popsicles with only fruit juice. When you’ve got little ones at home, that’s a definite plus! Less sticky messes! Simply use coconut milk instead of juice as a base and add your diced fruit as you normally would. You can also try mixing in some chia seeds for some super food nutrients. If you add chia, just make sure you give them 20-30 minutes to expand in the coconut milk before freezing.

Using yogurt as the base for your favorite popsicle recipes will result in a creamy, filling treat. Less of a popsicle and more of a creamsicle. All you need to do is scoop some yogurt into your popsicle molds, and then add in chopped or diced fruit. You can also try blending the fruit and yogurt until everything is smooth.

What I love about these popsicle recipes is that they’ll satisfy your sweet tooth without lots of refined sugar. If you want to add a little extra sweetness, simply mix in a little bit of raw honey or Stevia. Once you find a few popsicle recipes you enjoy, it’s super easy to experiment with new flavors! By changing up the mix-ins that you add to your favorite popsicle base, the possibilities are endless. These recipes are so easy to make. The hardest part is waiting patiently for them to freeze so you can eat them!

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