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Bikini competition prep: Day one

I have been thinking of competing in a fitness show for three years now. One of those things that lingers in the back of my mind but, never took action to actually complete it. Truth be told I heard so may horror stories of women taking steroids (even in the bikini division) and using diuretics to dry out prior to the show that it turned me off from the sport. I know that this is not everyone and I am so happy that I did my research when looking for a bikini prep coach. After working with a coach in the off season I decided that it was time to find someone new. I wanted and needed someone that health would be their main priority during the process. I do not want to end up with adrenal fatigue or stuck eating chicken, tilapia, and asparagus for 14 weeks.  I am very educated on clean eating... this is what I do so I have that down pat. But, prepping for a show is completely different. It requires tweaks to your diet on a week to week, even day to day basis as you get closer to show time. I am so happy that the coach I am working with gets me and my concerns. He is an IFBB pro but, he is also a Physician's Assistant. Best of both worlds in my opinion.

I want to continue to use my beachbody workouts for the prep. At this time I am using P90x3 and I love it. Home workouts will be added into my program. I am also doing a lot of heavy lifting, and plyometric work at the gym. I can lift weights at home but, will need someone to spot me during my workouts so this is why I will be working out in the gym with my trainer to keep me safe.

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The thing that excites me the most is that I have actually worked up enough courage to go through with the process. This is something that I have had on my bucket list for some time now but, just never pursued my dream. I plan to blog about my experience to hold myself accountable and to add my insights for anyone that has been thinking about competing. I know that there are some obstacles that are standing in my way... such as a cruise in March (Thank you Beachbody). However, there is a gym on the cruise ship and I can choose healthy meals on the trip. I am determined to see how my body transforms. I am doing this for me and nobody else. I am a mother of three young children. I am a nurse and also own a health and fitness business. If I can do this then anyone can do this... It is all about your mind frame. Being focused and disciplined.  Keeping your eye on the prize!!

I am use to doing a food prep every week. So this week was no different then most. I made some chicken, grass fed ground beef, sweet potatoes, asparagus, and brussel sprouts last evening. I also cut up some fresh fruit and veggies.... strawberries and peppers.

Bikini comp prep, food prep, dreams, Beachbody coach, Bikini division, nurse, A Fit nurse, Alyssa Schomaker, home workouts

My trainer gave me the assignment this week to record what I eat and also to record my workouts. He wants to examine my normal routine... food choices, calories consumed, and what exercises I include in my training. I am using my fitness pal to track my food and bought a cute exercise diary to track my workouts. Next, week he will reevaluate my plan and we will start training together. I was playing around last night and had my husband take some before shots for me. I have some work to do but, I am determined to work hard and bring in my best package for the show.
Bikini comp prep, food prep, dreams, Beachbody coach, Bikini division, nurse, A Fit nurse, Alyssa Schomaker, home workouts

So here we go!!! I am very excited that I made the mental commitment to compete. Now, I just have to get registered for the show. I am doing the Jim Manions NPC Pittsburgh Championship. It is a pretty big show but, go big or go home right;) I plan on registering this week!!! EEEEEEKKKK!!
This is all so real now!

Lesson learned: A DREAM is just a DREAM... You must take physical and mental energy to make it REALITY!


  1. I am so excited to watch you go through this journey! i really want to compete.. but my residency schedule is so tough right now.. can't wait to see how you do! -Stephanie Burgos



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