Beachbody is going International

Beachbody is going International
Did you hear??? Beachbody is going International?

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Welcome your journey starts now

What do you get when you have an incredible product line, an amazing corporate team and the TOP leader's in the industry?
A ONCE in a lifetime opportunity. 

What is Team Beachbody?

What is the Beachbody Challenge?

How do you get paid?

Why join my team? Glad you asked!


Thank you for your interest in becoming a leader on our team. If you don't know who I am allow me share a little bit about me. My name is Alyssa. (the one in the white dress ;)
I am a wife and mom to 3 blessings. I am a registered nurse for 15 years and wanted nothing more then to be home with my children. I was sick of missing the little things, holidays, weekends and wanted more for my life. I had no business or social media experience prior to Beachbody but, I have a HUGE heart and passion for helping others. I built 7 figure business online in 3 years and we are a 2x top 10 team!! As a health and fitness coach I have the honor to help others with their health as well as teach people how to create a success online fitness business on their smart phones.

 The incredible quality of the products, values, integrity and commitment from our corporate team absolutely blows me away. I became a consistent TOP earner and grew my business through social media so I will be giving you the tools I used to do the same. You can learn more about me HERE.

I am looking for individuals who are ready to change their lives.

To live a life to their full potential emotionally, physically and financially. 

To help you become everything God created you to be. We have put together the most ELITE team of leaders to help you grow in this business. The support you need, the friendships you will cherish and finally LIVING LIFE on YOUR terms is a possibility NOW.

What kind of training is provided?

How do I get started?

You're ready to join?

Your Business Fee is $39 plus a min of 50PV to be commission qualified. 

If you sign up with a challenge pack your 39 dollars is waived.

 I started with a challenge pack so I could speak from experience about Shakeology. I had never used it prior to becoming a coach and integrity is everything to me. The 21 day fix and Beachbody on Demand challenge packs are our best sellers.

If you are actively in the military, it’s free to sign up! You sign up just like normal, and then Beachbody will issue you a refund in 2-3 business days.  Yes, you can of course still sign up with a Challenge pack.

You also can get your products paid for by sharing the products with πŸ‘―2 friends. 
πŸ‘πŸ»They decide to join you on your journey as a customer or business partner with any challenge pack and you get paid πŸ’Έ the following πŸ“† Thursday which covers your products!!!! 😳😳😳

I would love to chat with you if this is something you are interested in. I am looking to build an incredible team of leaders who are looking to get healthy and wealthy while helping others! I am here to partner with you through this journey and serve you however I can. Much love, Alyssa


Income Disclaimer and Income Earnings Statement: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

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Beachbody is going International

Beachbody is going International

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