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Tips to Stay Motivated

Tips to Stay Motivated

It is challenging to stay motivated toward long-term aspirations. We all know how easy it is to lose sight of our goals when life becomes so bogged down with responsibilities, stress, obligations, and drama. Do not let go of your personal goals. Knowing that you’re working on your empire can instill an exciting purpose in life. It makes the stress and hard work worth it in the long run!

When you are feeling overly stressed and feel like you lack motivation, I have some helpful tips to boost your energy, help you refocus on the prize. Here are some tips to stay motivated during all of life’s stress and struggles:

Have a clear, specific goal.

  • To stay motivated, make sure that your goal is clear, specific, and can be evaluated. If your long-term goal is vague, it is challenging to stay motivated. With a clear, specific goal, it will be much easier to track your progress toward your goal, which will help you stay motivated. The more specific, the better.

Have a plan, but be willing to adapt it.
  • Another way to stay motivated is to have a long-term plan. Being able to check your progress along the way is important to finding motivation. Break down your goal into specific pieces. If it is possible for you to put deadlines on certain parts of your goals, do it! Deadlines will be extra motivation.
  • If you don't feel like you are making the progress you want, be willing to adapt your strategy. All strategies need revision. It is impossible to do something perfectly the first time, especially when you are learning and working as you go.
  • Stay motivated by planning, strategizing, evaluating your progress, and adapting your strategy as needed. Checking your plan consistently and making changes will ensure that your long-term goals remain a priority among your other responsibilities.

Let people in.
  • This is challenging for most people. When you are working toward your goals, it's intimidating to talk about them with people, but people could be what you need to stay motivated. Talk to people you trust and people who love you. They will help inspire you to continue working toward your goals. They will share your excitement with you!

Expect good things to happen.
  • Lastly, to stay motivated, expect that good things will happen. Your attitude is everything. Don’t forget to stay motivated by FEELING motivated.

Contact me if you want to live a rich, motivating life and be a self-starter. Follow your dreams, fellow girl bosses.

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