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Making the Perfect Overnight Oats

bowl of oats

Making breakfast the night before is a convenient and effective way to make sure you start your day off well, get a metabolism boost, and feel energized throughout the day! One of the greatest options for breakfast is oatmeal. It is satiating, full of fiber, and can be well-rounded with the right concoction of fruits and seasonings. Overnight oats are easy to prepare, but here are some helpful tips to create the perfect consistency and flavor:

Make sure you have the right balance of oats and liquid.

This is important because the right amount of liquid will affect the consistency of your oats in the morning. No one wants to eat dry, damp oats, but no one wants to eat watery goop either! The formula for creating the perfect batch of overnight oats is the ratio of 1:2. This means that for every 1 cup of oats, you want 2 cups of milk (or milk alternative). If you are preparing a ½ cup of oats, you will want 1 full cup of liquid.

If you are adding Chia seeds in your overnight oats, and I recommend you do, you will want to add a little extra liquid to compensate for the chia seeds. Chia seeds absorb the liquid just like the oats will. Experiment a little bit with different amounts of liquid to find out what your favorite consistency is.

Remember that cold foods need a little extra flavor.

Hot foods need less seasoning than cold foods. The heat brings out quieter flavors in seasonings. When you are preparing overnight oats, keep this in mind! Add more cinnamon than you would add to hot oats. Add a dash of salt to intensify flavors, and if you want, add some raw honey for a natural sweetener.

Put in the extras later.

Wait until the next morning to add your fruits and nuts. If you put your toppings in before you refrigerate, it can throw off the consistency of your oats and impact the flavor of the contents. Waiting until morning ensures that you have the best consistency of oats, the rich flavor and texture of your favorite toppings, and extra crunch in every bite!

If you are working toward a healthy lifestyle for you and your family, contact me and I can help you get on track with food, fitness, and a healthier approach to living!

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