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Why am I so bloated?

Why am I so bloated?

That feeling. Your jeans are tighter and your stomach feels like it could pop. You may even text your best friend and say, “OMG I feel like a blowfish right now!” (complete with an emoiji of course). Even worse, you could start thinking things like, “I’ve gained 5 lbs and all my hard work is ruined!”
So what’s going on? You’ve been working out consistently and enjoying a balanced diet. You’ve even been getting enough sleep. Why the sudden slightly uncomfortable feeling?
I’ve got an answer that doesn’t come with fear mongering or a pitch to buy an anti-bloat supplement. Here it is: You’re just bloated. You know what makes me annoyed about bloat? Not the unpleasant feeling from it, but the fact that so many women freak out and treat it like an acute illness rather than something totally normal that happens in your body.
BLOATED2Being bloated is a NATURAL reaction that your body has during different situations in life. You know how when you get something in your eye, it waters? You don’t see people complaining about your body’s natural reaction to that. Or what about when your cold and you get chill bumps? You don’t see people saying things like, “that’s it. sweaters all day every day, no matter what. I never want to experience chill bumps again.”
So instead of going over the hundreds of “normal” reasons why you could be bloated, (stress, hormones, too much water, lack of water, too much salt, big meal, because it’s Tuesday, etc), I’m going to give you 4 “life” reasons why you could be bloated… and be OKAY with it ;)
If you’re bloated it could be any of the following:
1) You enjoyed a delicious meal. You’re on vacation (or it’s just a Saturday) and this restaurant is known for making the best, juicest cheeseburgers. You can’t miss out on the chance to experience this. So you enjoyed a delicious meal which happened to be off your original diet with friends and family. It was freakin amazing. The rest of the dinner you all laughed, made memories, and had a blast. Would that be worth being bloated for me? Yep!
2) You got a promotion. You love your job and it’s the week that your awesome boss is going to announce you as partner in the company. Guess what, girl? YOU GOT IT! But wait… with all the stress that might come with this promotion the first week, you might get bloated. Go turn down that promotion because being bloated is NOT something you’re about. (Come on, now).
3) Your best friend is getting married. You and your girlfriends are slowy waking up, going through the “don’t post that” pictures on each other’s phone and laughing at everything on the living room floor: Pink boa, straws you hope your grandmother doesn’t see, heels, wrist bands, and the bride-to-be’s plastic crown. The night was epic, but now you’re bloated from the mix of lemon drops, oreos, salsa, and tequila. Let’s just hope you never have to experience a night like that again, because not being bloated is worth not having those memories, right?
4) It’s your kid’s birthday party. Balloons are everywhere, the trash bags are ready, and the super awesome, “make your own sundae” station complete with gummy worms and M&Ms, look perfect. Your child is beaming with happiness and looks over and says, “Mom, you’re not going to make a birthday sundae?” Well…since we can’t be bloated, you obviously answer with, “Sorry hunny, I don’t want to get bloated from it.” Hmmmm.
I hope you get where I’m going with all this. Being bloated is NORMAL. Being bloated is NOT the end of the world and does not mean you gained 5 or 10lbs. It simply means you’re bloated and you should be happy that your body is doing what it’s suppose to do… maintaining proper water balance. Your body won’t hold on to that water forever (actually, drinking more water will help you get rid of the water you’re holding, so try that). So instead of being upset each time your bloated, think about WHY you’re bloated. If it was because you experienced something awesome…then smile and move on with life.

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