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Get rid of the you CAN' T HAVE THAT mindset

Looking back on my mindset years ago when it came to nutrition, there’s no wonder I would binge on Starbursts and Hershey Kisses (like. a whole bag.) every weekend. When someone (or myself) said, “you can’t have that!” it just made me want it 10x more. I wasn’t happy and definitely not fun to be around.
Thankfully, my mindset is completely different. I look at healthier food as fuel to keep my body happy and energetic for work, nights out with friends, future children, etc. But, that doesn’t mean I look at “not so healthy food” as the enemy. We are super cool with each other and hang out a good bit still.
To explain how my mindset has transitioned over the years, I needed to explain it in gifs. Obviously.

I use to have the mindset of, “I CAN’T have that!” which resulted in…

Looking at people like this every time they ate. anything.
Feeling like this every time I went out to eat with friends
flipping bird jennifer a
and acting like this on the weekends
I was super fun to be around. My boyfriend at the time (who is now my husband) thought I was super sweet and I never complained or had emotional breakdowns around him. ever. lol
After learning the proper way to eat for my body and fitness goals (which we teach you in theFit nurse challenge group), I slowly began changing my mindset.
Let me tell you. Life is so much fun having a mindset of, “I CAN have that if I want it, but today I choose not to have it. Maybe tomorrow. If I feel like it.” Which resulted in…
Having more energy to get things done at work and life in general

Not going into a mini depression every time there was a Super Bowl party, girls night, or date night with the hubby.
Dominating the grocery store and actually wanting to try new things
Learning how to cook like a boss… for me, myself, and I. (and your loved ones of course).
And most importantly. Gaining confidence the healthy and BALANCED way and wanting everyone around you to feel the exact same way.
Pizza nights shouldn’t leave you filled with guilt. Fruits and Veggies shouldn’t feel like a “checklist” of things you have to eat. Finding a way to balance all of those choices will result in so much happiness and energy that the inner Beyonce in you will start to come out. Seriously. I want this for you more than you know. Here’s to feeling like the last picture above and dancing our way through life and dressing rooms.
Want to feel that way but still confused on nutrition and workouts? My A FIT NURSE Challenge group goes over all that and more. Don’t miss the April 14th launch!

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