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What is my Body type?

Have you ever wondered, “What is my body type”?

There are basically three main categories with some overlapping that we can place each of our shapes in to. Known as body type somatotypes, William Sheldon developed this method to classify the human body into different physiques. This is especially useful information for women to help each of us achieve the best version of ourselves. Knowing how we store fat and what works best for our body type is very important step in achieving a fabulously fit physique. Here is a brief snapshot of the three.

Body Type Endomorph
The Endomorph is also known as an apple shape or even a pear shape. If you fit into this category, you tend to gain weight easily and store it around your middle section as an apple or your lower body as a pear. Your metabolism may be slower than the others. In determining “what is my body type?” you have to look at the overall body characteristics. For example, I no longer look like a pear shaped endomorph because I have transformed my shape; however, at the core, if I were to “let myself go” I would gain weight in my hips and tush. I now visually look more like a mesomorph and have done this through weight training, something running NEVER did. It is true there is no such thing as “spot reducing” but as women, we can “target train”. I say this because in discovering “What is my body type?” is not meant to discourage you but to empower you. You will now have the knowledge to get results

Ectomorph Body Type
Well, how do I say this nicely? If this is you, you are the gal women love to hate. You have a thin build and are pretty evenly proportioned between your shoulders and hips. Your advantage to being this body type is you have trouble gaining weight! Your disadvantage is that you have trouble gaining muscle as well.

As women age, we are going to need that lean muscle composition to hold up our skin. Even on your thin frame you will need this as well. You will have to learn what and when to eat and the right exercises to build that needed muscle. For you, discovering “What is my body type?” is about empowerment as well. You will have to be patient in your strength and cardio gains. Start slow because you can since weight loss is not your goal. Overall health and a fit frame are. You will still look great while making these gains.

Mesomorph Body Type
Women, as we age, set your sight on answering “Mesomorph” to the question “What is my body type?”. If this is you, you are an athletic build with a beautifully toned, lean muscular frame. You can both gain muscle easily and lose fat easily. Remember I said earlier that I was an endomorph but now I am a mesomorph. Remember I also said that if I let myself go…Well I don’t plan on doing this and because of all the lean muscle I have put on which has reshaped my body, I can have some food freedom and stay on track with a healthy and fit physique.

The key to get where you are going is to know where you are coming from. “What is my body type?” is just like Map Quest. To find out where you are going, the program always requires that you enter your starting point. Regardless of your body type, Remember that you are BEAUTIFUL! Celebrate being yourself and the WONDERFUL person that you ARE! We are all UNIQUE and that is FABULOUS!

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