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P90x Women Transformations

Amazing P90X Women's Results

Obstacles come into our path to force us to GROW... to make us APPRECIATE what we DO have... They give us perspective and empathy to relate to others and most importantly, they strengthen our FAITH that something BETTER lies ahead. Emily is just ONE story of many from the Bombshell Dynasty who looked at her life and decided that she deserved BETTER than she had been settling for! She has OFFICIALLY unveiled her INNER BOMBSHELL to the rest of the WORLD and there is NO STOPPING her now!!! There is NOTHING more INSPIRING than seeing someone realize the beauty that was inside them ALL ALONG!!! We are so proud of you Emily!

So I am sure you are all asking what it is that she ate and did to achieve these results besides P90X, here is what she had to say!

Emily is super inspiring!  This is only 120 days!

I had a chocolate shakeology with 2 cups of cold coffee (with espresso) for breakfast each morning, a muscle milk light for mid-morning snack, something for lunch like grilled chicken breast and steamed veggies (broccoli or green beans etc), a P90X protein bar for mid afternoon snack, and a dinner similar to lunch with a slightly larger portion and usually one good carb like a sweet potato or a small portion of Dreamfields reduced carb whole wheat pasta and homemade tomato sauce. I also would make a giant pot of homemade minestrone or pasta fagioli soup and freeze containers of it to have for a quick lunch or dinner if I didn't have time to cook something he...althy. If the family ordered pizza or chinese or had pasta for dinner, I would either have some of that soup or a shake with a banana in it or one of the other recipes with a little more calories than my breakfast shake. I would adjust my calorie intake based on how I was feeling, with the different phases of the P90X program sometimes I needed more or less. If I was feeling tired or wasted I would increase how much I was eating or add another good carb at lunch time etc. I also had my rule of 6 - I didn't eat anything over 6 grams of sugar or 6 grams of fat, except olive oil or canola oil in my cooking.

 I just had to share this amazing story because we are getting ready to kick off the STRONG and SEXY APRIL Beachbody Challenge and I am super excited about helping others change their lives!  I have this overwhelming feeling in the pit of my stomach saying that this year is going to be amazing!  I am going to help sooo many people get fit and healthy!  I can't wait to see how your life can change with me as your coach!  Here's to the old ways of 2012 and new beginnings in 2013!

Join me in your journey to starting over!!
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