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My top 5 tips for girlbosses

My top 5 tips for girlbosses

Live your day with no regrets. 

Yup, that’s right. Never leave anything on table. Understand that there are seasons of push and seasons of pull in your business. When it is time to be bold, to really go after it and achieve what it is that you wanted to achieve!

If you don’t achieve that specific goal at that specific time then sit back, re-evaluate and look back at what it was that you did well under circumstances! Then celebrate those achievements and set some new goals for yourself! That’s my FIRST TIP for you #Girlbosses - Be BOLD and chase your dreams and chase your goals!!

My top 5 tips for girlbosses

My SECOND TIP is JUST DO IT. Just be like Nike and just do it. Believe that it can be done! Believe it can be done. BELIEVE in YOURSELF.

If you’re thinking about doing something kind of like I have been thinking doing #Periscope (follow me @alyssaschomaker!) with you guys. I have just every excuse in the book as to why not to do it. I just decided to DO IT! There’s just so much I wanted to share with you guys and so that’s my second tip for you guys – JUST DO IT.

Have GOALS and go out there. DO what you want to ACHIEVE and DON’T hold yourself back! Just do it. Often times I just act before I really think about the big decisions that I am going to make and I have just kind of gone with my gut and kind of LISTEN to that WHISPER and that is what I want you guys to do as well. To just do it! If there’s something you guys have been thinking of doing, just go out there and do it.

My top 5 tips for girlbosses

My THIRD TIP is to JUST HAVE FUN. Have a positive outlook in life. Really try to enjoy those moments. Celebrate every single accomplishment. CELEBRATE what you have going on within your own life. And make life just an adventure and have fun doing it. We only get one life guys! And so I want to make sure you are DOING WHAT YOU ENJOY. Whatever it is in your life make sure you are having fun while you are doing it.

My top 5 tips for girlbosses

Make sure you’re having fun doing it – that is so important and if you’re not enjoying in your life.

FOURTH TIP is FIND OUT WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Find that thing that brings you PASSION and JOY and then create a living around that! It’s so important. Your career must be something that you are super passionate about! You never have to feel like you’re working a day in your life. And when that happens, it’s seriously amazing. I WANT THIS FOR EVERYONE! Because you can tell that I am just a really excited individual and I want everybody to just have fun and enjoy what they’re doing in their life.

My FIFTH TIP is VALUE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. When you own a business it is easy to get sucked in into your work and have resentment that you’re not spending that much time with your family or you’re not going enough time for your business. It is important to set business hours. Set hours that you’re just going to be with your family and then set hours that you’re just going to work.

Treat your business like a business with your family, and your faith being the priority that your business is centered around. Not the other way around. It’s so easy just to get caught up in trying to achieve diff goals and let the passion override what it is that we really, really want to accomplish. What you guys want to do with your business must be family and faith centered.

Make sure you guys are scheduling your family in there. I know that sounds super weird to think about having to schedule your family but it’s true. I schedule in everything that my kids have to do all the things I want to do with my husband, all my date nights and our weekends if you know in my business I don’t work Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I am there with my family.

My top 5 tips for girlbosses

It’s really important that you schedule your business hours around what’s going on with your family making sure each one of them have centered time that’s focus so that you’re WORKING SMARTER versus WORKING HARDER!

AND if you want to achieve more feel free to reach me out at! Don’t forget to also follow me on #periscope @alyssaschomaker where you will find more motivations or check out the Youtube video!!! 

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